Friday, May 19, 2017

Hi Everyone! I am back again, 6 regressions and 8 lives.......... It was not even 1 week after my 5th regression when i started to feel that i wanted to know more................I wanted to know the cause of my most difficult relation and why did it go wrong and why was i being so hated for tolerating 3.5 years of house arrest, humiliation, insult and a life that very few could even imagine. I had done 6 regressions and i had cleared a lot of my doubts, had reached planning stage that very few would actually reach, the master soul had blessed me in each session but why did i have to choose a person who would plan my death as my life partner ......................what did i do wrong ? Too eager to know i called up Dr.Vandana and fix my appointment for my next session, it was 3 ways away and i just could not wait. While i was continuing to find possible answers i received a text message from Dr.Vandana asking me to contact her. When i spoke to Dr.Vandana , she asked me to recite a sentence that would help me during my regression and also she asked me to meditate, now this was indicating something different from the rest of my sessions, i realized it is going to be a difficult session perhaps. On day of my appointment i reached the clinic at 1 pm , my usual timing and we started to discuss my state of mind and why i wanted to undergo the session and then i was asked to meditate .....It was there that Dr.Vandana told me that i was asked to meditate and recite those wording as there was so much eagerness, anxiety in my voice during the telephonic conversation that she had felt i needed to do a little homework in order to be able to regress easily. The best thing i have experienced with Dr.Vandana is that she reads your mind and she exactly knows where you need to go and what you need to know. While meditating i was taken to a state of trans and hence the regression started ,where i was in a garden and was supposed to meet someone, it was my present partner , he came and he was holding my hand so tight that i started to feel the pain , he was to go away and he wanted me to wait, he did not want to let go at this point Dr.Vandana started a healing work and with help of divine light she healed the session and freed my hand from him and asked me to move on .............I reached a tunnel of white light and before Dr.Vandana could asked me to enter the tunnel i had reached the end of it so She asked me to start looking around and regressing to where i would get my answers for this session.................. I was a man about 38years of age , very well dressed who smoked ......Very clearly knew that I was in London , i kept on looking at my pocket watch as i had an appointment at 2 pm with someone .............A very important appointment....the guy did not turn up which was making me very nervous & helpless, i started to feel a pain in my left arm and heart area to which i knew that i was having heart problem.... at this point Dr.Vandana asked me to go to the next event and i saw that i was home , a domestic help served me with a cup of tea in an English style ....I was waiting and i knew the person i was waiting for was my wife, the waiting was keeping me upset and grieving. The next scene was at supper, where my wife and my 8 years old daughter were at the table, my wife was saying supper prayers and my daughter and I were playing a little game, winking at each other and being just playful............. It took me a while to move from this scene and next scene was something i resisted to reach at , i was hugging my wife but i knew she did not love me, at this point i started crying and i said i love her so much and she does not love me and then i saw who she loved , my present life partner who was watching us and enjoying my misery and helplessness........The worst was he did not even love my wife but she knew nothing about it, she did not know that he was just using her. At this time Dr.Vandana asked me to find out why did he want to hurt me and when i regressed to earlier time in my life i saw that we were all playing soccer , i was very good at games, sports , studies and was the most favourite of all teachers, neighbourhood and he was a neglected child from a broken family who was not even good looking and had inferiority complex ....He hated me as i was too popular, next scene was that i had graduated from College and i was getting engaged to the most amazing girl in my community and we loved each other immensely .............Dr.Vandana asked me if this person was attending my wedding, i saw that he was not invited and was not in church however he was watching from outside. We were a happy couple and we were soon blessed with a baby girl. Next i saw was that i was to leave for an assignment which prolonged to about a year , at this time Dr.Vandana asked me to see how my wife met the guy..........It was during a neighbourhood get together or some kind of festival where they met and next they met for an evening tea at my place and at this moment i started crying again as he was holding my wife’s hand.............I cried a lot and then Dr.Vandana asked me to move to the next important event, which was the night i came back from work and i saw my wife and the guy in my bedroom.............I started sobbing, left the house, walking aimlessly on roads, felt broken , cheated and shattered............after 2-3 days i came back home. At this point Dr.Vandana asked me what that appointment all about was. The first scene when my regression started. That meeting was about hiring someone to kill both my wife and her lover and when the guy did not turn up i felt that all my plans would fail ..............Dr.Vandana asked me what happened next, you went home and were having dinner to which i answered that i never had dinner that night, i was just sitting at the table. She asked me what happened after that and i was refusing to answer , it took me a long time to talk and when i talked i revealed that i had killed my wife, with a knife, i slit her throat. She asked me did you run away after that i said no, i hid somewhere to see what happens next and as anticipated the lover had come, he was sitting by her side and shocked............and i kept on saying he is not having any feeling, he is not upset, he is not sad, he is just shocked, he never loved my wife. Next was that the domestic saw him with my wife’s dead body and eventually he was taken to a place which looked like prison and later i read from newspaper that he was charged guilty which gave me immense satisfaction and happiness....It felt like a bonus as i had not planned it but then he was punished. At this time Dr.Vandana asked me if i was feeling guilty and i said no, i had given her enough chances............. Dr.Vandana asked me to see how he was feeling so i saw him in jail, where he was sitting with his lifeless eyes, the same calculative mind, with absolutely no emotions or feelings however i knew he wanted revenge and he was just waiting for the right time..................I saw the same person for the second time in my regressions and each time he had the same eyes, emotionless....lifeless!!! Complex and EVIL. What happened next was that my daughter grew up and i fell more sick as time went by , she had become a nurse ..............I died in d hospital from illness related to heart and lungs A doctor, 2 nurses and my daughter were present. I was asked by doctor to see what happened to my body and i was very upset to know that my daughter had donated my body for research to a hospital , i died in 1940 and my daughter who was a nurse in India had donated my body to a medical school and i was buried after 1-2 months ..........I was very upset that without my consent my body was donated .............I was buried like an unknown person with no stone in some unknown place within the hospital...................then i stated that since in India they don’t burry the body, they did not know how to do it. After my death Dr.Vandana asked me to go and seek forgiveness from the guy , I went to him in jail and met him, forgave him and also explained him that i was hurt and it was him who started to hurt me etc., it took me a lot of time and eventually we hugged and forgave each other , for the first time whether in regression or in real life i saw life in his eyes and we smiled and parted ways then i left to join the divine light, i saw my soul mates and also the master soul, this time i was a greyish light not too bright so Dr.Vandana healed me with divine light and then the master soul blessed me too and i asked him about my soul mate again and he reassured me that i would be with my soul mate in present life. I did not ask anything this time from my soul mate as i knew he was busy finishing an un finished work so that we could be together. I rested in white light and received blessings ....................Dr.Vandana asked me to forgive my wife and my partner “s friend from real life who had helped my partner to plan my death but i was too tired and i told her that it was not required as that is what the master soul had indicated. It is so strange how we keep carrying impressions and how we plan to pay for our deeds ....I feel blessed to have been able to experience 8 lives...........Maybe this is one of the reasons i kept coming back to India despite all that i went through here. Thank you Dr.Vandana

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Past life regression and Age regression session helps to release Carryover dr.vandana raghuvanshi..World renowned Past life regression therapist ...

Giving ourselves permission to feel at peace with our past actions is one of the most positive steps we can take toward living a life free from regrets, disappointments & guilt. The more we are able to remind ourselves that the true path to a peaceful mind & heart is through acceptance of every part of our lives & actions, the more harmony & inner joy we will experience in all aspects of our lives.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Past life story ...shared by person who experienced it.....From Chandigarh past life regression institute...9872880634

As  Dr. Vandana Raghuvanshi  took me to to my past life ....
.And when I reached the mosques it was noon and there were men praying ( Namaaz). I was there on an assignment, maybe a documentary or some research, I was a white woman in my early twenties. I was asked to see where I was the next day or same night and I saw myself hiding under a shelf , waiting to run away from a man who had a turban , beard but had no moustaches. I knew I was in Afghanistan. I saw that the next day I had ran away and I was lost in a place of low dry mountains, the next scene was that I was held captured by some men , one of them was the guy I had seen in that mosque.
 I was being held captive for a few months , raped by few men , my hands were tied , I was asking for my death every minute. It was a strange feeling, I had the body but there was no soul , or maybe my soul was numb, I felt I am alive yet dead. I was mentally physically and emotionally numb, I wld not even feel the physical pain, the cold , hunger anymore.
I had a glimpse of my childhood too,  I grew up in a loving family , I grew up with no major event , it was this job and the assignment that was the major incident in my life, I was happy and ready to explore and when I was saying bye to my family I saw a young man who perhaps I loved but I told myself I would be with him when I come back, I would have time enough. I had kept myself and my career above love and family , the same thing I have done in this life too .
Next was my death scene, my soul just wanted to get over with this life, a taxing life indeed. I saw that I had managed to loosen up the ropes around my wrist , managed to snatch away the dagger from the beard man’s waist and stabbed myself in chest (not heart) and my stomach, I died after few days due to the wounds and infection, lonely painful death.
They left my body there . I was guided to light by dr.vandana raghuvanshi.  I wanted to rest .
The lesson I learnt that being fearless and independent is good but one needs to be cautious too, I also learnt being ambitious and loving one’s career or choices good but family , love and relationships should be given priority.
One of my biggest fear in this life has been losing my mom or family members when I am not with them and now I know where that comes from , I also have feared dying a lonely death which has been a repeated pattern in my soul journey and I need to release this block. The connection to my present life is that even in this life I have been keeping family and love on hold thinking I have enough time to go back to them but the truth is family and love is to be our highest priority , life needs to be balanced , one should draw a line for everything and one should give time to all 3- 4 important life components........................I can very well connect this life to my present life.
Thank you Dr.Vandana for you invaluable help , guidance and support...I should go now, have so much to do to get my family together and make my soulmate to take the step...Good luck to all!!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

LBL [Life between lives ]Sessions and Soul learning along with Past life regression with A world renowned Past life regression therapist based in Chandigarh. contact her...9872880634

This past life regression and LBL…..session is shared by subject herself with all of you…

There were a lot of issues and problem that have been going on in my life since the age of 5 and life only got more and more tough and  complicated as i grew up. By the age of 17 when every person is at its best time and enjoying life, making more friends ,  being ambitious my real struggle for life started. The relationship with my father was no more  good as i was a person who would never bend in front of injustice and wrong doings hence not approving him which resulted in financial struggle and a lot more.
 I went to Dr.Vandana in Oct 2011, it was the time that i was on the verge of a breakdown, and all that i knew was i had done nothing , absolutely nothing to deserve the life i was going through.
My past life regression unfolded many connections, many questions were answered, many worries ended and yet my never ending life surprises would take me by another blow. I had to go through a major change in life leaving behind two of my soul mates i had recognised during my PLR which has been the most difficult experience of my life but the change was un avoidable.
I had cried all day, tired, exhausted and on the verge of giving up, as soon as i saw Dr.Vandana i told her that  i wanted to know why did I choose such a difficult life,( as we know every soul chooses its life pattern and the people in his life) , so what i wanted to know was why did i choose such a difficult life.
We started our session on skype…….
Dr.Vandana asked me to open any one door, and i opened the one right at the end of the corridor, it took me time to open the door as it was very heavy and i had to use all my strength to open the door.
The room was dark and after some instructions it became lighter and now i could see the room, it was a room in grey colour, walls and even the floor was in grey stones, I could see my grand father on a wheelchair . I was a 1 year old girl with curly golden hair, i was playing with some dolls, small hand made ones and i saw that my father , a tall dark man who happens to be my father in present life picked me up and was playing with me. I knew he was my father but still i felt i am being held by a stranger, since it was the first time i was seeing my father after i was born.
My mother who was wearing everything in black came and next i knew was that i was crawling and crying looking for a safe shelter, it was because my parents were arguing , my mother asked my father to leave and she did not want to see him ever again, she was upset that he had disappeared before i was born and never bothered to come & look after us. And during his absence there were alot of financial problems which made my mother do two jobs to be able to take care of her father and me. She also lost her mother to whom she was attached the most.
I grew up, i was a brilliant student and a favourite of teachers, it was at the age of 19 that i joined the church and i chose to be a nun. Soon i was recognised as i was a very devoted person and by the age of 35 I was called Mother Ann.
My mother came to see me twice, but it was very strange i was a very detached person, despite knowing she was alone and needed me i felt I belonged to the church, i had to serve Jesus. It was St.Marry’s   church somwhere in  Romania.
The second time she came to see me , she was crying and begging me to go back and live with her and i felt no emotions, i was totally detached (now that i am writing this and remembering the scene my heart is aching ), i felt nothing and i refused to go with her, i wanted to serve Jesus.
Next important event was when my mother passed away, i was the one saying the prayers at her grave and it was then that i was shaken , my belief in me and what i was doing shook, it was difficult to finish the prayers but i did complete the prayer as everyone there was looking upto me. I was their mentor , their role model.( I realized serving family and loved ones was our foremost duty even more important than serving Jesus, i realized relationships and families were very important in our soul print and maybe this is the reason why one of my fears in this life is losing my mother when i am not around or that of her falling sick and i would not be there to take care of her)
I saw two more scenes, one was that i was unwell, as if it was the first time i had fallen sick in that life and there were younger nuns taking care of me  and last scene was of my death, it was about 3 am and i knew the time has come, i got up from my bed and left  my room, went to the main hall , i bowed and then kneeled down for prayer, i was seeking forgiveness for my behaviour with my mother and i prayed till last moment, then i saw my soul leaving my body exiting from my crown.
I was asked what kind of a life it was and i answered an easy life, it had no purpose, I became a Nun and served the church because i found my comfort in it , because i never went out of my comfort zone to find out if i could do anything else, when i compared this life with my present life i reailzed  the connection to this life is that i chose totally opposite life pattern, i would always go for challneges and have been looking for my purpose , I chose a very difficult life pattern that i have had no time to rest  and have never been at ease.
I waited there as i knew in a short while the nuns who come for preparing the hall for morning prayers wld discover my body. I was about 82 years old at the time of death.
I was burried and my name read Mother Ann ( Anna Krista), i wasburried in the same church.
Before i moved up i wanted to meet my mother and seek forgiveness, i went to her but she was too upset with me , she was not ready to listen, and even after so much of effort  it felt as if she said i have forgiven you but “dont you think its that easy and i can forget it”, she hugged me and gave me a half smile but i had to move , i could not wait anymore.
I was a bright white light and reached the white light very fast , i did not want to rest and was ready for my next assignment, I saw master soul looking at me with a smile , a smile like a parent when he sees his child impatient for the game.
I went to the master soul for blessings, he gave me blessings, I was asked to see my planning chart and look around if there is a counsellor  table, i saw it , i knew that was my present life chart but i was still getting blessings, it was such a peaceful experience, it felt great .I sat there and i saw my chart, i saw my parents on the left corner above the chart, it felt as if their role had come to an end with this life and they were about to exit my life pattern.
I saw my ex husband and two more men who have had a very major role in my life , my husband was smiling and  the other two people , one was confused as to why did he have to be even there and the third man who has had a very major role in my life both good and bad he was looking at me as if he wanted some answers and he was still hopeful that i may consider his role .
After seeing all these i was looking for my soulmate and the rest of soulmates but i saw no one and i went back to the master soul, i kneeled down with my hands folded and i asked him why did i choose such a difficult life , at this time i burst out into tears and i could not stop, he replied that you did not choose your chart, you told me what you wanted and i chose your chart for you.  I looked at him and asked him then why did you make me suffer so much , i was begging him, he knew i was having no more strenght , and i was giving up, he said : “ YOU WANTED TO BE WITH YOUR SOULMATE SO YOU HAD TO LEARN UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, YOU WANTED TO BE ON A HIGHER PLANE AND EVOLVE SO YOU HAD TO CLEAR ALL YOUR KARMAS, YOU WANTED TO BE ON A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY AND BE A HEALER SO YOU HAD TO LEARN PATIENCE”, that is why i chose this chart for you.
I stopped crying at this moment and asked him if my chart could be changed as I could no more go on like this, i told him i had no energy, i could not bear anymore pain and he told me he won’t change the chart, he told me you are very close to your life purpose and to have all that you have asked for so i won’t change your chart, the difficult part is over and the life you wanted is to begin and i can’t let you go through all these in another life, you need to complete all your exams and start the life you have asked for and that is very near, You can not give up.
I started crying again and went back to my chart and this time i saw 2 of my soulmates, my brother and my soulmate, i realised my brother was there for my support and the time of being with soulmate was very close, i saw a date there. Then i was looking for a date for my healing clinic and other wishes i had and i saw a date for next year for my healing clinic too.

I went back to the master soul to ask if i was meant to be healer then why is it that there are still issues and i have to wait another year , and i saw myself again at the counsellor table , i knew it was because i needed to learn patience, to  be more grateful and also got the impression that i have been having a tendency to forget my lessons from previous lives so it was to insured that before i was a healer with such a huge responsibility i had learnt all the lessons and i would remember them all and actually would be fit to be a good healer who could carry such a responsibility. I saw the third man on the right hand side of my chart next two the other two and realised his role in my life was to make me meet my soul mate and his role has now come to an end , Dr.Vandana asked me if i need to clear any more issues with him but he had become too small and i could sense he was of another category and his role had come to an end, he had shrunk and was becoming smaller and smaller.

I went back to the master should and told him i needed strength and his blessing to be able to come out of all these tests successfully, he picked me up and took me to his heart and blessed me with DIVINE LIGHT, DIVINE LOVE, DIVINE WISDOM,DIVINE SUPPORT , DIVINE GUIDANCE AND DIVINE PROTECTION & then i kneeled down to thank him while he continued to bless me , at this time i saw another soul mate of mine , a very dear person in my present life, the master soul blessed her , she was wearing a Golden shawl around her, the same i have seen of Budha in some pictures, master soul blessed her and took her under his arms and gave her blessings and gave me the impression that all that had to happen would happen through her and that i was in safe hands.
Then the Master Soul blessed both of us and then it was time to come back.

It was elaborated LBL session, but it felt amazing , the blissful feeling was out of this world and our imagination, as soon as i came back to my conscious level i could feel the strength within me, the hope, the purpose.

It was most amazing experience i have ever had. I  am so much grateful to dr.vandana raghuvanshi.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

DeJaVu and Past life past life story.....9872880634

Sense of belonging to old forts, recurrent dream of jumping of the cliff and past life link.
He said I have all of these feelings and I want to know the reason behind it…dr.vandana plz help me.
Year 1868, Jaisalmer.I am 7 year old prince. My mother calls me BhanuPratap. I am of 20 years. My father fixed my marriage with the daughter of Senapati. My mother is happy. I am getting married in palace. I feel my married life is not good. We do not sleep together because wife does not want to sleep with me. I think she is in love with somebody. It is five years of marriage and we do not have kids. I am 35 and going alone somewhere. I reach a Guffa, enter inside and start digging. I bury something. I come out empty handed. I ride back to the palace.  I am walking in corridor in the palace, it is dimly lit,I reach near end room. My wife is with a man in an intimate position. They are talking. I feel very bad. I return back. After few days, I gag my wife, drag her down the stairs, take her to the pond and drown her in water. I killed her. I spent whole night near the pond. Next day morning I tie that man with ropes, ride horse and drag him to the jungle. I am very angry. I left him in the jungle badly injured. I now climb up the hill. I am at the cliff. I jump of the cliff and fall to the ground. I hit many trees on the way. My left palm is injured badly.My head hit the ground. I am hurt badly and bleeding. I die. The lesson learnt is -- can’t get love by force. Patience is required.

Doctor Raghuvanshi,  I need to have patience in current life also. I will work on developing patience in life. I have birth mark on my left palm. I am feeling satisfied after session.