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#PastLife #Story Hi Everyone! I am back again, 6 regressions and 8 lives.......... It was not even 1 week after my 5th regression when i started to feel that i wanted to know more................I wanted to know the cause of my most difficult relation and why did it go wrong and why was i being so hated for tolerating 3.5 years of house arrest, humiliation, insult and a life that very few could even imagine. I had done 6 regressions and i had cleared a lot of my doubts, had reached planning stage that very few would actually reach, the master soul had blessed me in each session but why did i have to choose a person who would plan my death as my life partner ......................what did i do wrong ? Too eager to know i called up Dr.Vandana and fix my appointment for my next session, it was 3 ways away and i just could not wait. While i was continuing to find possible answers i received a text message from Dr.Vandana asking me to contact her. When i spoke to Dr.Vandana , she asked me to recite a sentence that would help me during my regression and also she asked me to meditate, now this was indicating something different from the rest of my sessions, i realized it is going to be a difficult session perhaps. On day of my appointment i reached the clinic at 1 pm , my usual timing and we started to discuss my state of mind and why i wanted to undergo the session and then i was asked to meditate .....It was there that Dr.Vandana told me that i was asked to meditate and recite those wording as there was so much eagerness, anxiety in my voice during the telephonic conversation that she had felt i needed to do a little homework in order to be able to regress easily. The best thing i have experienced with Dr.Vandana is that she reads your mind and she exactly knows where you need to go and what you need to know. While meditating i was taken to a state of trans and hence the regression started ,where i was in a garden and was supposed to meet someone, it was my present partner , he came and he was holding my hand so tight that i started to feel the pain , he was to go away and he wanted me to wait, he did not want to let go at this point Dr.Vandana started a healing work and with help of divine light she healed the session and freed my hand from him and asked me to move on .............I reached a tunnel of white light and before Dr.Vandana could asked me to enter the tunnel i had reached the end of it so She asked me to start looking around and regressing to where i would get my answers for this session.................. I was a man about 38years of age , very well dressed who smoked ......Very clearly knew that I was in London , i kept on looking at my pocket watch as i had an appointment at 2 pm with someone .............A very important appointment....the guy did not turn up which was making me very nervous & helpless, i started to feel a pain in my left arm and heart area to which i knew that i was having heart problem.... at this point Dr.Vandana asked me to go to the next event and i saw that i was home , a domestic help served me with a cup of tea in an English style ....I was waiting and i knew the person i was waiting for was my wife, the waiting was keeping me upset and grieving. The next scene was at supper, where my wife and my 8 years old daughter were at the table, my wife was saying supper prayers and my daughter and I were playing a little game, winking at each other and being just playful............. It took me a while to move from this scene and next scene was something i resisted to reach at , i was hugging my wife but i knew she did not love me, at this point i started crying and i said i love her so much and she does not love me and then i saw who she loved , my present life partner who was watching us and enjoying my misery and helplessness........The worst was he did not even love my wife but she knew nothing about it, she did not know that he was just using her. At this time Dr.Vandana asked me to find out why did he want to hurt me and when i regressed to earlier time in my life i saw that we were all playing soccer , i was very good at games, sports , studies and was the most favourite of all teachers, neighbourhood and he was a neglected child from a broken family who was not even good looking and had inferiority complex ....He hated me as i was too popular, next scene was that i had graduated from College and i was getting engaged to the most amazing girl in my community and we loved each other immensely .............Dr.Vandana asked me if this person was attending my wedding, i saw that he was not invited and was not in church however he was watching from outside. We were a happy couple and we were soon blessed with a baby girl. Next i saw was that i was to leave for an assignment which prolonged to about a year , at this time Dr.Vandana asked me to see how my wife met the guy..........It was during a neighbourhood get together or some kind of festival where they met and next they met for an evening tea at my place and at this moment i started crying again as he was holding my wife’s hand.............I cried a lot and then Dr.Vandana asked me to move to the next important event, which was the night i came back from work and i saw my wife and the guy in my bedroom.............I started sobbing, left the house, walking aimlessly on roads, felt broken , cheated and shattered............after 2-3 days i came back home. At this point Dr.Vandana asked me what that appointment all about was. The first scene when my regression started. That meeting was about hiring someone to kill both my wife and her lover and when the guy did not turn up i felt that all my plans would fail ..............Dr.Vandana asked me what happened next, you went home and were having dinner to which i answered that i never had dinner that night, i was just sitting at the table. She asked me what happened after that and i was refusing to answer , it took me a long time to talk and when i talked i revealed that i had killed my wife, with a knife, i slit her throat. She asked me did you run away after that i said no, i hid somewhere to see what happens next and as anticipated the lover had come, he was sitting by her side and shocked............and i kept on saying he is not having any feeling, he is not upset, he is not sad, he is just shocked, he never loved my wife. Next was that the domestic saw him with my wife’s dead body and eventually he was taken to a place which looked like prison and later i read from newspaper that he was charged guilty which gave me immense satisfaction and happiness....It felt like a bonus as i had not planned it but then he was punished. At this time Dr.Vandana asked me if i was feeling guilty and i said no, i had given her enough chances............. Dr.Vandana asked me to see how he was feeling so i saw him in jail, where he was sitting with his lifeless eyes, the same calculative mind, with absolutely no emotions or feelings however i knew he wanted revenge and he was just waiting for the right time..................I saw the same person for the second time in my regressions and each time he had the same eyes, emotionless....lifeless!!! Complex and EVIL. What happened next was that my daughter grew up and i fell more sick as time went by , she had become a nurse ..............I died in d hospital from illness related to heart and lungs A doctor, 2 nurses and my daughter were present. I was asked by doctor to see what happened to my body and i was very upset to know that my daughter had donated my body for research to a hospital , i died in 1940 and my daughter who was a nurse in India had donated my body to a medical school and i was buried after 1-2 months ..........I was very upset that without my consent my body was donated .............I was buried like an unknown person with no stone in some unknown place within the hospital...................then i stated that since in India they don’t burry the body, they did not know how to do it. After my death Dr.Vandana asked me to go and seek forgiveness from the guy , I went to him in jail and met him, forgave him and also explained him that i was hurt and it was him who started to hurt me etc., it took me a lot of time and eventually we hugged and forgave each other , for the first time whether in regression or in real life i saw life in his eyes and we smiled and parted ways then i left to join the divine light, i saw my soul mates and also the master soul, this time i was a greyish light not too bright so Dr.Vandana healed me with divine light and then the master soul blessed me too and i asked him about my soul mate again and he reassured me that i would be with my soul mate in present life. I did not ask anything this time from my soul mate as i knew he was busy finishing an un finished work so that we could be together. I rested in white light and received blessings ....................Dr.Vandana asked me to forgive my wife and my partner “s friend from real life who had helped my partner to plan my death but i was too tired and i told her that it was not required as that is what the master soul had indicated. It is so strange how we keep carrying impressions and how we plan to pay for our deeds ....I feel blessed to have been able to experience 8 lives...........Maybe this is one of the reasons i kept coming back to India despite all that i went through here. Thank you Dr.Vandana

Past life regression session story.....from Chandigarh

#Past Life
Regression With Dr Vandana Raghuvanshi
He came to get answers to his questions..
.A highly educated man, of 42 yrs., having degrees of BE, MBA, M.Phil, Astrology came to get answers to his questions. He said Dr. Vandana  ,I have yet to explore. I feel unexplained sadness, unknown phobia. I am never happy and always lonely since childhood. I have no ambition.
It is night, I am in the market. Many people are walking through the market.I am a man of 35 years. Many warriors wearing Egyptian clothes are also there. They do not look at me. They avoid eye contact with me. I am wearing Greek clothes.
Now I am climbing stairs in a palace. There are few people. I am in aroom. It’s simple with big bed. I look in the mirror. I am very strong man. I am alone. The people in the palace are relaxing by the fire. It seems I don’t mingle with people. My office is like dungeon. I work hard 24X7. I don’t feel anything. I think I work for the King.
I have never been with the King. King doesn’t live here. I think, I rule on behalf of the king but I am not sure. People are controlled with iron hands. People are not happy. Nothing ever happens here. Life is always same.
Now I leave the palace on king’s order. I am being taken on a boat. I reach an island; there are few people there. They don’t talk to me.
I am sitting on arock like a statue. I am very sad. I want to talk to people. I have grown up beard. I don’t have anything to do.  I just sit on the rock and stare at sea. There is no home, no work, whole day I sit on the rock. I am jailed. Earlier also I was in jail, the palace was the jail.
I moved the subject back ward to his childhood……
I and my brother, Greek prince, are practicing sword fight. I am of 15 years with golden hair, good looking, physically very strong. I think my brother is also of my age. My father likes me more than my brother. I have the same built as that of my father. My brother is not like us. It seems my father was aged at the time of our birth. My father expired whenwe were young. There is no role of mother in our life. My brother is brainy and tricky person. My name is Altieb. In my youth my brother tricked me into war. I always go to war andwin. I am winning and capturing more land for my brother. My brother is the King. His name is Alitwas. Nowhe sent me to the palace which is ajail for me.
I brought the subject back to the island. ….
I started training people on the island. One day during that armed training one guard hit my right arm with spear (subject started pressing his right arm). I am rolling down. The guards are hitting me with spears,tie my hands behind, drag me and lay me upside down on big stone. It seems a Roman stabbed me. Query –was he my brother? I am badly wounded. I bled whole night.My last thought was that they will kill me. They carried me to a big jungle so that no one can find my body. Now I understand my brother used me for gain and then killed me. I can see white light now.  On asking how was life --the answer is Sad.
I could have said no to my brother and should have not killed people in war. I could have lived a simple life somewhere. I was physically strong and could have stood for myself.
When I asked subject to forgivehis brother, he said it was my choice. He tricked me because I had Ego of my physical strength. He exploited and manipulated my ego. In that time physical strength was worshipped. I was big and strong and when young I had an inflated ego.
In LBL, master light came, guided him,gave him books. In Universe he visited a planet between Jupiter and Saturn. It was a small grey planet, small machine like creatures working constantly. When he went near them they gave him petroleum. I brought him back to present.
1. Sometimes I have severe pain on right upper arm.
2. I have one brother in this life also. We don’t stand each other since childhood.
3. It is very important for me that people talk to me, I feel belonged, to meet people in my work place.  If I do not feel belonged I don’t go for work place.
4. In my past life at the time when I was prisoned in palace, I used to think I have lot of work and responsibility so I used to do lot of mental work and there was no result. In the present life I do mental work more but achieve less.
5. I was very brave till class Eight.
6. In this life I read everything / all subjects.At my soul level I used my brain for learning a lot.
He was very satisfied with past life experience and told -- Doctor ,I will come again for one more past life session.

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A beautiful Journey: Past Life Regression , everyone will love to read. An interesting regression. Will try to write in short. A young, married women, age30 yrs, married, topper in studies...very beautiful... Looks seems combination of beautiful features...only single session done, three lives covered...instant regression.. .1st life. Year 1140...i am a girl, wearing dear skin cloths, age 25 years, living in Gangotri, an ashram, since childhood, as I am an orphan, but most cared by others in ashram. This ashram is having Shiva statue. I have taken diksha. I am a Brahma Chari. We are going kashi for Kashi Vishwanath Darshan with our head of the ashram. I stayed there, then I went to Lumbvini, it is in Nepal. I stayed and did have siddhiya by tapsya. I am a bhikhshuni... I meditate whole day. I see now we all are going to bless a marriage ceremony in is a very big palace. We are blessing the boy, who is to be married. His name is dhritu. I am 35 year old now. When dhritu saw me, he refused to get married to the other girl. A lot of things are happening. We are coming back. His father is standing with us with folded hand. Some one from us is telling something. Regarding marriage, I am too upset to listen these things. We are leaving the patliputra.but I did not accepted dhritu proposal. But I know, I liked the thought of his love for me. I am varying sad. Meri tapsya bhang ho gayi, toot gayi... now I am in kashi sang math. I am 50 years old. I am head. I am sick. Mera dil me khrabi hay. Breathing problem hai. Dhritu is here to take care math and me. He is still unmarried. He devoted his life for me. (.actually dhritu is my life husband.).......then death...lesson learned...duty is important. 2nd life...... .year.1803 I am a beautiful girl in Palestine area. They are calling me malika. I have four brothers, my father is very rich. I am very much pampered. I am very proud, in nature. An Indian man comes to teach me sitar. Now we love each other. Abbas, my elder brother now know this. I am too sad. Abbas killed my sitar teacher. Sitar teacher was in fact dhritu, of last life; he is my present life husband. I am. Going to Paris for change but not happy. Time is passing. I am not ready to come back. Abbas is sad. He takes so much pains, comes to meet me. His wife also comes. Now I understands my brothers love for me, so I am getting married to some one my family choose. A lot of story......................death. Lesson compassionate. (Two very imp present life people...Abbas, the brother and his son and Ayaa.The mousi in this life. Integrated in this life.) 3rd life i am a girl, 12 year, golden hair, my name is rose. I am on ship with my nanny (caretaker). My mother is dead, so my father is sending me to my grand parents, I am leaving father do some work there. I am growing in beautiful women. I study and good in it. My grandfather is dead. I live with my grand mother and house is beautiful. I am happy, I love someone, and he loves me. Actually (you know... he is the same dhritu& sitar teacher). I am going somewhere. It is big building, it is airport. My friend came to airport to see me off. I am upset. I complained about my father to govt. I think he is a spy. Some Budapest regency...Nazi...these thoughts are coming in mind. Oh, I want to tell my father, what I did. Oh father is here. At airport. He is coming. Ahhhhh. He shot me.i am dead. He killed himself. My lover...he is so sad...lesson. Learned.....i should not have taken a hasty decision .one should make proper inquiry, before any conclusion .he was not a wrong man. I am feeling uselessness now.....very long silence.... After PLR: Reorientation and integration.... Very much scared at airport. Chest problems without medical cause. Chest hurts a lot without any reason. Some azeeb sa birth mark on chest. In this time. Present husband......they met at airport. He came to pick her, official work. Not each was love at first site for both. In this life also uska rokaa ho chukka tha.he refused for that rishta. They got married with efforts of Mamaji of her husband. Mamaji was father of dhritu in year.1140. She feels very much connected with Lahore, London and Paris. Four other relations in present life were in other lives. Conclusion....dhritu (1140), sitar teacher (1803), a friend and love (1932) same person.... all the time and husband in this life... Dr. Vandana Raghuvanshi, Chandigarh...09872880634