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De- Ja -Vu and Past life Link...A session conducted by dr.vandana raghuvansghi, Chandigarh

Feeling of deep connection and past life link.
A 35 year married woman came with a question “I want to know what is it all about?”. I have a friend. I always feel a deep connection with him.  Dr.Vandana , I feel his soul cries for me. Can you take to in a past life where I can understand its link.
It is a beautiful old home. There is a beautiful garden in front of my home. There is a big flower tree in garden. The flower tree and garden is in front of my window. I am a beautiful girl of 11 years. I spend most of my time in garden. Today I stayed till it is dark. My parents are angry when I return. I cry and go to sleep in my room. One day a 14 years boy came to garden. He came near me and gave his hand to me. I feel happy. Whenever I go to garden I look for him. He does not come again. My parents ask why I go to garden again and again? I am growing up. One day he came again. He hugged me I cry he tells me he is for me only. I tell him not to leave me. He tells he won’t. We talk and then he tells “he has to go but I will always be here below this tree for you”. I call him Prince. It is late and I return home happy relaxed. Today my parents do not say anything to me. It is a western country. I watch the tree from the window again and again. When he comes I immediately go to garden. One day my father catches me with him in the garden and tells I am not allowed to go in garden. He comes every day, stands below the tree. I see him from my window. I cry a lot.
I am beautifully dressed in pink but sad. Our family is going to attend marriage of the daughter of my father’s friend. My father has also fixed my marriage. I do not like the boy but I have to marry him. Now I am in my husband’s home. I still feel he is waiting for me below the tree. My husband has an affair. I try to stop him but he doesn’t. I am living as the destiny wants me to. This home is good but very far from the garden. Now I have a daughter. She dies due to an accident after few years only. Now I do not have any child. My husband does not bother for me. He drinks. I am not happy. Every day I think of going to garden to meet Prince. At last one day I go and he is there. He does not ask anything. He gives his hand and tells me I am here for you. Whenever you need me I am here. He was just there for me. We silently sit under the tree. In the evening I tell him now you go first. He leaves. And I die cool and calm under the tree on the ground. My death came natural and peaceful because my will to live is lost. My father saw from the window. My parents came, they are very sad. My husband is also called. I am being buried.
After my death Prince is very sad. He tells me I was with you why did you leave why did you go so early. The lesson I learnt - love is pure, love never demands anything.I need to have learnt that little time spent with love is enough for entire life but I could not. In LBL she found her soulmate light and the man in the present life are the same soul. The master light told me that in present life you both need each other to evolve and learn some lessons.

In my present life, whenever I am upset I go to park and feel healed. But when I tell this man that I am going to the park, he says No, go to your home. How strange!his soul knows that in past life our last meeting was in garden and after that I left that life. Doctor, I found the answer. He is my soulmate.    

Past life story ,Chandigarh

Lack of Trust and Past life link.
A 32 year unmarried woman having relationship for last five years . She came for past life regression to know “ Why don’t I have family life?”. The person whom I want to marry is already married.She said Dr. Vandana , I don’t trust anyone.
I am a girl of 7 years of age and not happy. I am a Hindu. My mother calls me Imerti. It seems to be 1919 India. I am 20 years old wearing Red colored Sari, getting married. I am not beautiful. I am happy to get married. After few years I have a son. Now sometimes my husband fights with me. He tries to explain something but I don’t want to understand. (He is the same person to whom I wish to get married in this present life.) I am disturbed. I don’t trust him. My son is 14 now and my husband has left me. He went with another woman. (That woman is his wife in present life). My son is now 24, getting married. I am happy. I am getting old. I have grey hair. My husband has returned back because other woman died. I have natural death. I have been cremated. My whole family was with me. Lesson learnt----Have patience, who so ever is yours, will come back to you !

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Past life regression with dr. vandana raghuvanshi...

He came to get answers to his questions..
.A highly educated man, of 42 yrs., having degrees of BE, MBA, M.Phil, Astrology came to get answers to his questions. He said Dr. Vandana ,I have yet to explore. I feel unexplained sadness, unknown phobia. I am never happy and always lonely since childhood. I have no ambition.
It is night, I am in the market. Many people are walking through the market.I am a man of 35 years. Many warriors wearing Egyptian clothes are also there. They do not look at me. They avoid eye contact with me. I am wearing Greek clothes. 
Now I am climbing stairs in a palace. There are few people. I am in aroom. It’s simple with big bed. I look in the mirror. I am very strong man. I am alone. The people in the palace are relaxing by the fire. It seems I don’t mingle with people. My office is like dungeon. I work hard 24X7. I don’t feel anything. I think I work for the King.
I have never been with the King. King doesn’t live here. I think, I rule on behalf of the king but I am not sure. People are controlled with iron hands. People are not happy. Nothing ever happens here. Life is always same.
Now I leave the palace on king’s order. I am being taken on a boat. I reach an island; there are few people there. They don’t talk to me.
I am sitting on arock like a statue. I am very sad. I want to talk to people. I have grown up beard. I don’t have anything to do. I just sit on the rock and stare at sea. There is no home, no work, whole day I sit on the rock. I am jailed. Earlier also I was in jail, the palace was the jail. 
I moved the subject back ward to his childhood……
I and my brother, Greek prince, are practicing sword fight. I am of 15 years with golden hair, good looking, physically very strong. I think my brother is also of my age. My father likes me more than my brother. I have the same built as that of my father. My brother is not like us. It seems my father was aged at the time of our birth. My father expired whenwe were young. There is no role of mother in our life. My brother is brainy and tricky person. My name is Altieb. In my youth my brother tricked me into war. I always go to war andwin. I am winning and capturing more land for my brother. My brother is the King. His name is Alitwas. Nowhe sent me to the palace which is ajail for me. 
I brought the subject back to the island. ….
I started training people on the island. One day during that armed training one guard hit my right arm with spear (subject started pressing his right arm). I am rolling down. The guards are hitting me with spears,tie my hands behind, drag me and lay me upside down on big stone. It seems a Roman stabbed me. Query –was he my brother? I am badly wounded. I bled whole night.My last thought was that they will kill me. They carried me to a big jungle so that no one can find my body. Now I understand my brother used me for gain and then killed me. I can see white light now. On asking how was life --the answer is Sad.
I could have said no to my brother and should have not killed people in war. I could have lived a simple life somewhere. I was physically strong and could have stood for myself.
When I asked subject to forgive his brother, he said it was my choice. He tricked me because I had Ego of my physical strength. He exploited and manipulated my ego. In that time physical strength was worshiped. I was big and strong and when young I had an inflated ego. 
In LBL, master light came, guided him,gave him books. In Universe he visited a planet between Jupiter and Saturn. It was a small grey planet, small machine like creatures working constantly. When he went near them they gave him petroleum. I brought him back to present. 
1. Sometimes I have severe pain on right upper arm.
2. I have one brother in this life also. We don’t stand each other since childhood.
3. It is very important for me that people talk to me, I feel belonged, to meet people in my work place. If I do not feel belonged I don’t go for work place.
4. In my past life at the time when I was prisoned in palace, I used to think I have lot of work and responsibility so I used to do lot of mental work and there was no result. In the present life I do mental work more but achieve less.
5. I was very brave till class Eight. 
6. In this life I read everything / all subjects.At my soul level I used my brain for learning a lot.
He was very satisfied with past life experience and told -- Doctor ,I will come again for one more past life session.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Financial blockage and Past life link....Past life regression session story, Chandigarh

~Past Life Action Present Life Suffering , Past life Regression Session Chandigarh
~Financial blockage and past life link.
“Mujhe lagta hai meri kamai par mera haq hi nahin hai” (I feel I do not have right over my earning) A 30 year old woman came to know the reason for her financial blockage. She said she earned for few years prior to marriage and her parents took all her earning. She said ,dr.vandana , after my marriage ,my husband wants me to earn money, money and money. He thinks he has total right over my earning. With so much hard work put into earn money I am always without money. What did I do in my past life that people expect only money from me.
It is evening. I am sitting. My clothes are poor man’s clothes. I had a Kiryana shop which I had to close. Now I work on my small piece of land. I somehow meet my basic needs. I am getting physically weak. My daughter is now young and I am 40. I borrowed money from a man for her marriage. This man is my husband in present life. My daughter is married now.
It is cold night. I sleep outside the house. I do not have good relationship with my wife because I do not have peace of mind. I could return very small amount of borrowed money back to the man. His son is sick and he is in urgent need of money for his son’s treatment. He tries to arrange money from elsewhere but did not get. I want to return but I have no money. I feel very helpless. His son dies. I feel very guilty. I feel I am the cause of his sorrow.
My health is not good. I have breathing problem. I can’t eat much. I am 57. I always think, how I canreturn money, I will not be at peace till I return whole money. I carry lot of guilt. I am the cause of his sorrow and loss of his money. Now I cannot even eat. I die in the evening on the cot outside the house. My wife is with me. I am cremated. My last thought was I could not return his money. I had a lot of burden and guilt on mind. Lesson learnt “Apni chadar dekh kar paer pasaro”.[spend according to your capacity]. Guided towards light, in light when asked for forgiveness from the man, answer came- I cannot forgive you. I lost my money and my son due to you.

Now I understand the reason of the type of relationship with my husband and my financial blockage. This understanding is giving me peace. Now I will not think I am victim of circumstances. My perception about money issue is totally changed. In this present life I am repaying karma. Thank you very much doctor….. This experience opened my eyes.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Past life story ,Chandigarh

A 40 year old woman, married for the last 18 years, came for past life regression. She said everything in my life is going wrong from last 5-6 years. I am having unexplained pelvis pain. My husband is having extra marital affair. I am suffering from severe depression. Dr.Vandana ,I am losing interest in life. I lost ten kg in last one year. I have no confidence as on date.
I am good looking 21 year old Punjabi girl. My name is Meena. I am getting married. My husband is good looking. He is smiling at me. I am full of life. After marriage we reach my husband’s home. We are at the gate. My mother in law is blocking our entry. She is dominating and rude. I have very loving relationship with my husband. I am very happy. Now I have a 1 year old son. Life is good. My mother in law is also my mother in law in present life. Now I am 30 plus. I get tired with routine work. I have constant pain in lower abdomen. I keep on sitting in a corner. I am not talking much. Now I am 35 years but look old. My husband is worried about me. I am very upset I don’t know how I will cope up with my routine. Mother in law is upset and angry with me. I look very confused.
It’s evening, I am alone at home. Some neighboring woman came and told me my husband visits another woman from 4-5 years. I am 40 and my body is very weak. My husband is gone for few days. My mother in law takes me to the hospital. She is almost pulling me. I am a mental patient. She left me and took my son along with her.
My husband returns almost after a month. My son told him. He came to the hospital. He looks very upset. He takes me back to home and is taking lot of care of mebut I am not improving as my heart is broken. My son is grown up and married. My daughter in law is fair and beautiful. I don’t say anything to her. I died at the age of 50 plus. There was heaviness in my mind and body at the time of death. My family cremated me. It was a simple life. The lesson I learnt that one should be happy with whatever one have.
Now I will live for today. Nobody has seen tomorrow. I will now bridge the gap in my married life. I love my husband a lot and I know he cares for me. What a coincidence!!! almost at this age I had mental breakdown in my past life and my mother in law dragged me to some hospital and in present life I came by myself to you…a therapist….to regain my mental strength and confidence. As a therapist, I observed that her unexplained pelvis pain is also linked with her past life lower abdomen pain. Thank you Doctor….This journey gave amazing insight….

Friday, August 12, 2016

Past life Regression Chandigarh

A past life regression session conducted by me 
Fear of having Cancer and Past life link
A 32 yr , women with lots of fear about having cancer in thins life came to me , she said plz Dr.Vandana treat my cancer !!! When I asked for Medical tests report , she said there is no report, it is in her Mind. She is even not getting married, as she think what is use of getting into this when I am having cancer. She already consulted Psychiatrist, had counselling’s . Nothing helped her. I advised Past life regression session. On her appointment day she came to my clinic one hour before appointment. She waited patiently till I finished my OPD. When I started her session, there was too much resistance to enter into trans. My intuitions and healing skill came in use and she entered into her past life…
I am an old woman, gardening in the yard. I am wearing a loose white shirt, a green hat and yellow gloves. I am planting some flowers. I am serene and content. It is 11 am in the morning. I spend most of my mornings like this. My children don't stay with me. I have a loving husband. My house is lovely. It is Paris.
I am in the hospital. I have cancer. I think it is breast cancer. My husband is there. I am waiting for my children. They are a little caught up.
My children are here. They brought balloons and cake. My grandchildren are here too and I am absolutely delighted to see them. I have a son and a daughter.
I did not die of cancer. My cancer got cured. I died peacefully one morning. My husband had gone to make tea and I decided to sleep a little more and never woke up. The last thing on my mind was how much I love my husband. I look exactly like my grandmother when she died. Curled up and peaceful.
I am buried with white roses. The family is clad in white. They are smiling because they know I died peacefully. My daughter is Bandan (my sister). My name is Elizabeth. I die in the 2000s.
Lesson Learned
Love is everything. Happiness is not complicated. You don't need much to be happy. It is very simple. I lead a very ordinary and normal life. But I was happy.
She had a Big smile on face and said you cured my Cancer. I am healthy. Now I will go for marriage, have my family. Next time I will come to invite you in my marriage…lots of LOVE to you doctor.. You are my Angel!!!
As a past life regression therapist ,I thought past life memory of disease made her present life stressful, even though she died peacefully in her past life......Karmic lessons!!!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Past life story, Chandigarh

A Man, 49 years of age, came for past life regression. He said Doctor I want  to understand “Why certain events and behaviour tend to repeat themselves in my life?”
I am less than 10 years old, all alone, scared and looking down at water. The sky is overcast with Dark clouds. I go in a house. A lady with her head covered is sitting and grinding wheels. She is my mother. There are fields around home. I am playing in front of home. 
Few men are fighting. They have swords. My mother is holding me tightly. A man’s stomach is pierced with the sword. He starts bleeding. He is my father. He fell to ground. I think he is dead. All the men leave. My mother tells me something. A lot of turbaned people wearing white dress came for cremation. I lit his funeral pyre. Mother is crying and ladies consoling her. I am hungry, there is nothing to eat. Someone brought food. My mother gives me bath and then gave me food to eat.
Now I am 20 year young man and a lot of young boys are with me. Fields are green. There is a big pillared gate at the entry to village. There is a Mela, a festival, being celebrated. There is Merry go round, bangle shops and lot of people.
I am 40, sitting under a tree, a lot of people are gathered around me. Everyone is looking at me. People ask me to settle the dispute and give judgement. A woman is crying because of the fight with her husband. Two boys fought over land. People accept my advice and judgement.
I am riding horse, wearing white clothes, going to another village along with many other people. We all carry swords. Here also a lot of people, gathered under the tree, are waiting for me. They look for answers to their disputes. It feels good that I am able to help them.
My mother is old, have grey hair. I did not marry. I am 50. There is a fight going on. I am the leader. Everyone is looking at me. Villagers from villages I visit, join us in the fight to defend. We are a 500 men army. I am also fighting. We are dressed in white and the other party is in blue dress. They attacked us we are defending ourselves. They are killing our people. A lot of people die and there is a lot of blood on ground. A lot of fighting is taking place. It seems we have won as attackers are running away. We captured some guns from them. I am injured on the back.  It is night and people keep surveillance with the help of fire torches.  Next day mass funeral pyres are lit.
A lot of men died. I am arranging livelihood for the women and children of the dead. Now things are peaceful. It seems my village is somewhere near Attari. I am getting old. I am at home most of the time. My mother is no more. I am alone. Lots of people come with problems. There is a black marble plate at the gate of my home, “Roop Hazara” is written in Punjabi on it.  I am now 90 years. I slept in the night and did not wake up again. Thousands of people came. They are carrying me. Everybody is crying. Local priest lit my funeral pyre. The “Roop Hazara” house is now a monument for them. I was very satisfied with my life. Guided towards light, he received ample guidance for his present life.
Lesson learnt… Service to others is very satisfactory