Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Recollection of past life session

A recollection of past life regression at Dr.  Raghuvanshi’s Clinic.

I am going to share one of the most amazing experiences of my life which changed my understanding of relationships and made me a better, calmer receiver of the universal energies.
I am a student of psychology myself and always believed in life after death and re birth.  I am educated but deep inside I always had this curiosity to know about past lives.  I feel there is lot more to feel, learn and teach. Thanks to my liberal family and especially to my father who was a very learned person. I was free to express and pursue what I wanted. Despite being born to parents, one of whom is religious and the other atheist, I believed in this supreme power and followed a faith which I still cannot name.

My life pattern, personal traits combined with my passion and desire to know more made me even more determined to read about life after birth, re birth and many more similar subjects. The more I read, the more I wanted to know. Life also started getting tougher & tougher and so did the insecurities.

I always met people who required my help and somehow I end up doing everything for them on my own.  My relationships did not last more than 3-4 years despite putting in maybe 100%.  I had this weird dream about my father that would wake me up in tears and shaken. I kept travelling back to India despite my dislike. Something kept pulling me back to India. The queries “WHY AM I THE ONE TO SUFFER, WHY WAS I ALWAYS ALONE NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRIED TO MAKE EVERY ONE HAPPY, WHAT WRONG DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS ?” grew bigger and bigger in my mind.

Session 1:

I jumped 4 lives in the first session that explained my restlessness in present life, my soul had never rested after departing in each life. It was always in search of a better life and a better home which never happened. I got the answer to the weird dream about my dad as he happened to be my lover in one of my lives who left me and never came back.  I could relate most people in the session to people in my current life. It was amazing.

In one of the lives I was subject to abuse by a man of a particular belief (shall not name) which explained my immense dislike for men of that belief. He hurt me and in an incident my shoulder had got dislocated [felt the same intense pain during the session]

My father had refused to take me home after my mother died during child birth. I landed at an orphanage home where I was subject to child abuse for over three and half years.  The abuse forced me to run away from there and that maybe one of the reasons why my relations break. I am the one who wants to run away from the relation after I have permitted mental and emotional abuse. Ending a relation is more of a celebration for me.

I have always felt and been lonely as those around me thought I am tough and strong enough to handle it. I got the answer to this question too. In all the 4 lives I jumped, I was always alone waiting, never ending wait for my family/husband / lover or someone to come and rescue me. I also got the answer why do I keep coming back to  India, I was an Indian in 3 of my lives, two births in Rajasthan and one in Punjab where I died and my cremation was as per Hindu mythology.

The most important lesson I had learnt was “Men are not trustworthy. They always use  and abuse you and then leave” which explained why I always met the wrong people as that were the vibes I was sending  to the universe all this while and universe was working to make me meet untrustworthy men . I was shaken.

By the grace of GOD this insight has taught me not to feel like a victim. Now I know the root cause and all I have to do is to completely uproot it.

Session 2:

I was an 11 year old boy (my present life nephew) and alone, waiting for family members to come back home. Eventually everyone returned home but I still felt alone. I had a step mother and a step brother whom I loved but we were disconnected. My step mother was holding me by the elbows, shaking me and asking me to leave the house. [felt pain in the elbows]. Eventually they left as she had insecurities and could not stay any more. I could relate them to my present life mother and elder brother.

I could sense myself to be between 17-19 yrs, had cut my left wrist and bled to death. Now I was a bright light watching my dad from above who was all alone.  I was no more in the house.

The amazing part about these sessions is that one can immediately relate the events to present life and re experience and re live those moments, one feels the physical pain and cries in painful events, and gets immediate answers to many questions or maybe better called mysteries. 
I remember I always felt I was a step child to my mom and after the second session I knew why that feeling was always bothering me.

I also realized why there was a disconnect between my elder brother and me, two reasons : One  He was a step brother in my previous life who left with his mother and never met me again and  Second due to his speech problem which he has even in present life, we could never talk.

Now I know the speech problem of my step brother was due to the fall he had on his first birthday and not by birth and so is the same in the present life. The incidents were different but in both lives it happened around the time of his 1st birthday and in both lives it damaged the tongue due to which he could not speak.

I forgave my dad and mom. I learnt “PEACE COMES FROM FORGIVENESS”. I experienced peace, hope and happiness after forgiving my father and my step mother. I felt blessed when I healed my brother.

The experience has changed the way I see relationships now and in fact the way I see life now. I now know my purpose of life. I am now sure to find the way to achieve what I am supposed to.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Spiritual insight instrumental in introduction of positive changes.

Spiritual curiosity and past life link.

A man, 43 year of age, with spiritual curiosity came for past life regression. He said Dr. Vandana, I look forward to find answer to my this feeling in my PLR session.


I am 12 year boy. Ours is a happy family living in a thatched roof hut somewhere in Bhutan. My parents treat me differently and give me lot of respect. They think I am blessed and different. They send me to the Monastery for me to develop into a spiritual person. I am 20. I meditate and am at peace. I do not work with my family. They provide me with everything. There is a beautiful girl nearby. We look at each other. Sometimes, I think why my parents elevated me?  I am 40 now. I tutor spirituality and give Diksha. My parents and others still provide everything to me. I eat a lot and am fat now. Meditation and teaching is my daily routine but at times I miss love in my life.

I had a glimpse of my past life while meditating. “I am a cruel Mughal emperor. I killed many people without any remorse. I had a wife but I never loved her”. I changed a lot after this experience. I understood one should always remain happy. Do not yearn for love because you will get it only when you are destined. My teachings are improved now. I am at peace & in bliss. I die a natural death at the age of 60. My last thought is “Prayer is communication with God”. My body is cremated with lot of respect. Divine light came to take me up.


He said in my past, the glimpse of my past life experience brought positive changes in me. That is why I felt the need for PLR session in this life. Now, I will grow spiritually very fast in this life. Thank you very much and grateful Dr. Raghuvanshi for guiding me through this wonderful past life journey.

Happiness lies within self ----Lesson learnt


I a woman in my thirties, dressed in a white top, pleated skirt, a golden belt and shoes. It seems I am a woman of status. I am single and rich but feel I have nothing despite having all the wealth.   I am with a tall man in a very expensive three piece grey suit. He is smoking a pipe. He is sitting on a bench and I am lying down resting my head in his lap. I am listening and looking at him. I hope the promises he is making are true but deep inside me I know these too are empty and shallow. I had many short term relationships without expecting anything out of these relationships. I felt they were too shallow.

I am at an event.  I am wearing a long white gown, expensive jewels and carrying a fur coat. There is press and cameras are flashing. I am very comfortable with the attention. I am a famous Hollywood actress.

I am rehearsing for a live musical performance on the stage. Now it is evening. The hall is full of people. I along with a group of girls am performing a song and dance musical. I am singing and dancing both. The girls are also dancing along with me. The tall man is there at the back stage. I get injured and hurt while performing [visible pain symptoms].  I have fracture.

I return to work after my healing but they refuse me the work. A new girl has replaced me. My contract was cancelled after my injury.  I am furious and angry. I am sad too because my short term fame would fade away soon.  I met the performer who has replaced me. I mixed her drink with some substance which made her very sick.  I treated her badly. I was hurt and held her responsible for my misery. I am drinking and smoking excessively.  I am lonely and sad.

I am dead. I died of overdose of drug and alcohol. My two domestic help discovered my body. They were not shocked as they were expecting this to happen. I was always drunk and not very nice to them either. Maybe they also felt relieved. There are just 2-3 persons at my funeral. I died a very sad and lonely death. I moved above, it was not easy for me to move up. I am in the white light. I feel I have to rest here. Master soul blessed me for a very long time and wanted me to have patience [visibly cried]. I felt it was a life wasted. I was very famous and wealthy but not happy ……...I was lonely!


I model in selective assignments. I participated in small pageants and have always won the crown. I never wanted to be in limelight and too much attention never excited me. I don’t remember taking compliments seriously ever. People found in me resemblance to various personalities both of the Bollywood and Hollywood .....But all this never flattered and made me happy. I inherit a sense of style and have been complimented for my unique style. I can be both at the heart of a gathering or feel extremely aloof even among the most close ones. I turned down movie offers. I would get selected after auditions and would start praying God help me please out of it.  Almost every person I have met told me I should take modeling and acting seriously but the immediate thought would be “They can’t even imagine what a sad and lonely life that would be”.

The past life regression left a strange feeling. I was unhappy because I thought my fame will fade away soon and it resulted in self abuse. I was searching for happiness in the public applause. I never bothered to ponder over what I was doing for my own self and what did my lonely heart wanted. The measure of my achievement, success and satisfaction has been the public applause to my performances. It seems I carried it with me even in this life. I, as an actor, always performed to make sure everyone else is happy and pleased. It has been the only measure of my success. I never thought what I wanted.  Lesson learnt; “Look for happiness within, search of happiness in your surroundings end up being alone and wasted.”

Amazing! I feel so much at calm and peace today. I understand  that all problems in life will not get resolved at a click but if a person becomes compassionate, non- judgmental, stop playing victim, do not hold others responsible instead look for solutions and answers within will help remain grounded and happy.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

A Peep into past life

A peep into the past.


There is a white lily flower in the divine garden. I am walking on the stone pathway towards a small iron gate. I open the gate and enter into the thick fog.  I keep walking as if I know the way. I am in a forest of thick vegetation.  I can hardly see the sky as the trees are so dense. It is morning. I am walking through the trees, sure of my way and reach a stream.  I want to cross the stream but I cannot. There is a wooden hut across the stream.  I call but there is no answer. It seems there is no one in the hut. I walk along the stream and keep walking. I am happy though alone. There is a waterfall, high and deep. I am standing on a boulder on top of it. I am naked and preparing for a dive. There is a black thread like necklace around my neck. I have long black hair and youthful features. I am a young handsome boy, probably in my twenties. I take the dive into the fall. The water is refreshingly cool. I am happy to be here. I am beyond the birth and death cycle. Nature is my mother. I must protect the forest and save the trees and animals. I am guardian of the forest. I take care of the trees and animals. I talk to them. I sleep on the trees at night. I do not go anywhere. I live in the forest. It is my home.

I am a sheriff in Texas in 1970s. There are wooden houses with conical roofs. I am a cowboy. I have black hair, moustache and hard set eyes. I wear a hat and spurs in my leather boots.  I am chewing a straw of grass.  woman in white frill dress with lots of laces is waving a white handkerchief. It is a desert.

There is a ceremony before the launch. Everyone has come to say goodbye. There is American flag and everyone is singing God bless America. There are red and blue balloons. I am a member of a team of six. It is a mission to the moon.

My name is Michael B. And I came to moon with 5 other members. One of them was a woman.  I am an engineer and a farmer. I have a farm and a tractor. We grow wheat. My children are named Joanna and Philip. They have brown hair and bluish green eyes. I am playing with them in the yard. The boy wants to piggy ride on my back. I am wearing khaki pants and a black shirt. I have brown hair and brownish beard. My wife is beautiful. She is wearing a white polka dress with red dots. She is dark skinned with brownish blonde hair. She is Abhilasha.

I am looking at the earth from space. It is a ball of blue. It is amazing. I am floating over the moon. I have been left behind by my team. I had to stay for the mission. I am running low on oxygen. I see my children. I miss my children. I am singing a country song. I want to use the last breath for song. I am gasping now. It's getting dark in front of my eyes. I can't breathe anymore. My body keeps floating in space. It was a necessary sacrifice. Sometimes you have to stay back for the greater good. I volunteered for the mission. I decided to stay back and that's okay. I was ready to die. I have no guilt or regrets. Someone had to do it.

I am an old woman in the garden. I am wearing a loose white shirt, a green hat and yellow gloves. I am planting flowers. I am serene and content. It is 11 am in the morning. I spend most of my mornings like this. My children don't stay with me. I have a loving husband. My house is lovely. It is Paris.

I am in the hospital. I have cancer. My husband is there. I am waiting for my children. The children are here. They brought balloons and cake. My grandchildren are here too and I am absolutely delighted to see them. I have a son and a daughter.

I did not die of cancer. My cancer got cured. I died peacefully one morning. My husband had gone to make tea and I decided to sleep a little more and never woke up. The last thing on my mind was how much I love my husband. I look exactly like my grandmother when she died, curled up and peaceful. I am buried with white roses. The family is clad in white. They are smiling because they know I died peacefully. My daughter is Bandan (my current sister). My name is Elizabeth. I die in the 2000s. Love is everything. Happiness is not complicated. You don't need much to be happy.  I lived a very ordinary and normal life. It was very simple but I was happy.

I am a queen of a small kingdom in Egypt. I have straight black hair, whitish skin and dark eyes like that of a cat. I am wearing a gold crown with a snake hood on it. I am detached from my duties. I don't care about the people or the kingdom. There is a feast and I look unconcerned. It is night time. There are pyramids in the background. I am sitting on the throne with a cup of wine in my hand. It is poisoned. I killed myself. I was so lonely. It was the only way out of the misery. Death was the only escape.

In childhood as a kid  was standing in rags looking at things in the market on the street. I look at the queen's convoy. She spots me and takes me along. She adopts me. Why me, I wonder. She was cold and never loved me. She is dead now and so am I. [The Queen is my real life mother]. She was lonely. She just wanted some company. She never had children. She had killed herself too. She didn't know how to express love but I was a kid. It was nobody's fault. I am sorry. I forgive her. I hug her and feel love. [ smile ]

I don't have to be responsible all the time. I don't need to take ownership of everything. I must learn to move on and forgive.  I didn't have to kill myself really. I could have run away. [Killing self is against the law is the universe]

Light White Only White, coming from inside of me but I can still see my head, hands and feet. I am not ready for the message. There is no message.

Depression and integrated Therapy in single session...

Depression and Integrated Therapy in single session.

[Regression & Hypnotherapy]

A 38 year old female,  depression  and on  medication , feels panic state with acute headache as she has to start going to her work place.


I cannot sleep even with medicines, having headache off and on, uncontrolled repetitive thoughts and my ‘Vahm’(doubt) is with me all the time.  I feel people at my work place will taunt me at work place. Headache and insomnia is making me insane. I feel like running away to some Ashram.

Session: On scanning right side severe headache started again and the right side body was dark  visible. Pain and the right side foreign energy released.

Present life events..

I am 4 just came back from school. My aunt taunts me. I reply back and she hits me. It is evening my father has come home. I told him about aunt but he ignores me. After one month my father left me with my maternal Grandparents. Now I live with them but I constant feel that something is left behind.

I commit mistakes in preparing my class results. Teachers are taunting that I cannot work properly. I cannot stand it. Now even at my home I remember my uncontrolled repetitive thoughts.
Past life glimpses...
There is a Matt. Villagers are listening to Pravachan by the head of the Matt. I am there wearing a white sari. Everybody has gone now but I do not want to go. I live alone in a small hut and have a buffalo. I want to live a life of a Sanyasi in Matth. A long description of life………!!!!!!!!!!  I have came in Matth to listen to Pravachan. I am lying on the floor and going to die. I am dead. Villagers and the Sanyasis are gathered around me carrying out my cremation…I am going up with sadness in my heart.

Note: It was a long session wherein only hypnotherapy suggestions were given to improve sound sleep. Healing was done for inner peace and happiness.

Feedback: Revisited Clinic after one month. Looking energetic, happy and well dressed, the subject
told that her medicine doses are reduced to one-fourth and 80% improvement in sleep. No more headaches. I am more responsible towards family now. My running away thought is gone. Now I take care of my health and I am active. My relation with family has improved. Earlier I was lifeless and living like a machine, now I feel alive.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Fear of men and resistance to men - why?

Fear of men and resistance to men – why ?

A 32 year old strongly built and obese since childhood, married woman came for past life regression session to understand why she fears men and resist them.


It is a village. I am a small girl. He is beating me (ooon-----jerk). He is hitting my lower abdomen. He is beating and beating. I would have hit back hard had I been strong enough. Now I am twisting my arms and somehow I could free myself from his hold. He is my father. I am running away. Few villagers are running after me. I reach the end of a hill. There is a river flowing below. I am falling down into the river. There is lot of fear and pain in my body. I am drowned. I am dead. My last thought was “only if I could have been strong enough”, God should make me strong now. Lesson learnt; one should not tolerate.

I died due to suffocation. My body is bloated (had a beautiful body when I was alive). She told I will not forgive him. I will beat him. She started hitting his father. She was guided to release all the hatred and understand why he beat her. She told he wanted a son but I was a daughter. Ha ha ha ! he is my mother in this life. She had a son who died when I was born.  Her guardian angel took her to the light. Master light guided her for present life;  do not be attached to anyone, live your own life, do not hate, remain detached and work for your own spiritual progress.  


My mother is same. She used to beat me. I was very afraid of her in childhood.  I am afraid of water. My both arms and lower abdomen pain so much that at times I am unable to get up. Now I understand why I am so heavily built. I do not tolerate anything. I fight back. In the end she said, Thank you Doctor Vandana! I could find an answer I was looking for.

Testimonial for Dr Vandana Raghuvanshi