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Past life story ..two past lives came in one session....

Past life regression …single session…she experienced two lives in single session….
Life as ….Dr. Christopher Ben:
I was a tall man, wearing brown coat and brown horseriding trousers, i was waiting for a woman in a beautiful garden. She was a girl i loved, from the middle east, we talked and held hand and she promised that she would be back, but something deep inside told me i am not gonna see her again.
I was in USA, from a very well to do family, I was a doctor , very learned but later i realized i was a Doctor in Law. I lived in a beautiful mansion type home , it was white with long pillars...I somehow always liked such houses even in my present life. We had horses, and many people who helped us to take care of our property.
At home i saw my mother whom till date i have not recognized, two children ..........I knew these children were of my brother and his wife who lived in the same house. After that i cld not see anything for a while and then i saw a supper scene where no one wld talk to each other at supper and later i was in my room , lying on bed and waiting for the next day.
When moved to next day, i realized it was my wedding day , i was getting ready and waiting for my bride, who never turned up and instead police was looking for me, with the help of my brother i ran away from there and was hiding in a place which was like a vacation place or farm house for 3-4 months and later i went and surrundered to police. I was jailed .................when i was asked to go back and see the cause of my imprisonment i saw that teh girl i loved was boarding her ship to go to her home in middle east and her cousin who loved her , he had an argument about me with her, and he killed her and threw her in the sea, after the body was discovered , it was thought that i killed her. I was a docterate in Law and yet could not save myself and defend myself .
Next scene was near my death, i was taken to be hanged but i was no more afraid....My regret was that how come i could not save myself, when the rope was put around my neck, i told them that my last wish was that i would kick the stool myself and no one shld help me .........suddenly i was happy and smiling , Dr.Vandana asked me why are you smiling and i replied because i did not die of hanging, I died of a heart attack so it means God too knew i was innocent and did not let me die by hanging, i was so happy as my soul consious ness was now aware of me being innocent and was carrying no guilt. When i died i was burried and my grave stone read “ Dr.Christopher Ben” 19....-19.... which meant i died at the age of 38 .
After my death i moved up, i was a pure white light and moved up fast, saw all my soulmates again and i had learnt that life is just, no matter what happens God knows everything and he will do Justice. The master soul blessed me and then i knew i had to go back, I did not rest much.....
Dr.Raghuvanshi guided me to another life and i moved to another life...................
Second past life.....
This time i was in Canada:
I was a well dressed and educated man and loved my family, suddenly i saw a scene that there were Riots happening and i picked up both my kids, my son and daughter and was asking my wife to harry up as the villages was being attacked and they were killing people, my wife asked me to take the kids and leave and she would join me , she was supposed to come with the neighbours. I reached the main road and got into a cart/car with my son and daughter but the looks on the man driving that car/cart was very uncomfortable and i was just praying that he drops off to a safe place and has no wrong intentions.
After this i saw a scene were i was sad, When i asked to find the cause i realized that it was because i had lost my wife, she never came that day.
I was now living with my children and we were in USA, Dr.Vandana asked if i ever had any other woman in life and i replied no, i loved my wife. I was a very well dressed man , a very successful and respected business man yet very sad and aloof. Very lonely!
Next i saw was my death scene , i had died a very calm death, i knew it was time for me to go, so i had dressed in my best gray suit, wore my hat and even shoes and lay down in my bed and i was gone. There was ahuge gathering at the church , my children and their families were there too, my daughter had come from some place far away.
After i moved up, i was a pure white light, i moved up and i saw my wife, she was my soulmate, waiting for me, we joined each other and master soul blessed us and my soulmate assured me that we would be together in the next life.
It was such a blissful feeling ......................Now i knew why i was so scared of moving to Canada, as i had lost a soulmate in that land.
thank you Dr.Raghuanshi !!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Past life regression story, Chandigarh

Past life Regression Story
I saw myself at the age of 15 wearing brown cowboy pants, it felt like i was not an obedient child anymore, i was not still helping the black guy in any way and i was just living on that farm with them, it took me a lot of effort to reach the event that had affected me, it was in Mexico city, i was 17 years old and i was standing at a corner , smoking , i could sense that i was a guy that people feared and if they talked to me or called me it was because of my fearless and mischievousbehavior and not out of true respect, next i heard the black guy calling me from behind by my name , he said “ hey Bob”, and before i could turn my head fully , he hit me with a sharp edged weapon in the head , i could feel the pain but not see the blood and i kept telling Dr.Vandana that there is no blood, i was taken to a nursing home where i was treated. after this point everything was blank and i could not progress further, would lose Dr’s directions however finally i moved to another chapter, at this point i was a 28 yrs old man , tall with brown hair, wore good clothes, married with 2 kids and i knew i was in new York city .
By now i knew i was of Italian origin and had now settled in new York, i was short tempered, did not respect my wife, did not love her though i was attached to her and i was a chain smoker which i kept on telling Dr.Vandana” I smoke alot, i smoke alot”.
Dr.Vandana asked me what did u do ? and i said i was always at home , i only ordered, i no more worked and remained home most of the times as now i had people work for me , and she asked what do they do for you ? I answered they bring me the money, i am the Mafia Don .
She asked me if i ever killed anyone and i did not want to answer, i said i no more kill and i only order my people to kill.She asked me why did i stay home and i answered to protect my family.
She asked me again if i killed many people but i did not answer and i could not progress, i said i am very short tempered, i dont like my wife, women are good for nothing, they are only there to reproduce and they can do nothing in life. My wife’s name was Mary,she was my mom-( in real life)-.
I had an assistant who took care of everything , namely Billy..This man is a friend in real life , someone who played a very major role in my today’s misery. I told Dr.Vandana that Billy is the guy who would take care of the business after me.
She asked my why i did not love my wife but i did not say anything and again went into a discomfort mode. After sometime Dr.Vandana asked me to move ahead in that life and then i was on the street, shot in the right knee and in the right side of the stomach, it was a shoot out of two gangs and i was shot, billi took me to a place where i felt i stayed for 3 months to recover from the wounds. My knee healed however my stomach remained infectious throughout life, interesting is that exactly at the age of 34 i started to have this knee problem/ injury where after many tests and MRIs doctors are still not sure what did cause it and asked me not to have any physical activity that would put stress on my knee for 6-9 months but more interesting is the wound on the right side of the stomach. I have a birth mark exactly at the same place. It is amazing how we carry even the physical pain with us.
When i further progressed in my past life as Don Bob, i saw myself at home, and suddenly i was hauling, the feeling of loss was so intense that  i was shaking and crying , when Dr. Asked me to explain why i was crying i told her that  my wife had sent both my sons to billy, as she thought they were more safe with him ...I could never forgive my wife for this act.
The next scene was that my wife was packing her suitcase and wanted to leave, i did not stop her, i let her go. Dr.vandana sked me to see where she was and i saw her in a house where women with no family and support were taken care of , she died a lonely death there at maybe 34 and my younger son was the only person present at her funeral.
Next Dr.Vandana asked me to see where my sons were and i could see that they were with Billy , now young men, my elder son was a very cruel and shrewd man , a bad soul with scary eyes , he happened to be the closest person to me in this life who actually ruined my life and my younger son was aloof , he was not happy being there.
After this i cld not progress further so Dr.Vandana asked me to go back to childhood again , there i came to know how i had landed up living with the black guy, i was 3 years old walking with my mom and dad on the street and i was lost around noon, and by evening when no one came to take me ,the black guy he took me to that farm and raised me, at this point i knew why he hit me at the age of 17, i had become popular and the farm owner had asked me to take care of the farm and had put him out of job and jealousy was the reason for his action. This guy too has played a very major role in my today’s problems.By now i knew who he was.
At this point Dr.Vandana asked me again if i ever killed anyone and i said 4-5 maybe and i killed the black guy too. It felt as if i felt the black guy and his action lead me to becming a don as after i killed him in a state of revenge i had to turn away and everntually i turned to a Don, i felt he was responsible for polluting my soul and it is so amazing i feel the same about the person in my real life, i feel he is the cause of me taking a very wrong decision and i have been tricked to a situation that i never wanted to be in.
The next scene was when my elder son he came home, he was furious, he wanted to kill me as he thought and belived i had sent his mom away and was responsible for his death, i explained to him that she was not happy and she herself left the house, showed him the cupboard that she had taken all her belongings, he calmed down and left, at this moment i told Dr. That i did not like him and he was a bad soul, he had killed many people and was cruel , she asked me why didnt i like my elder son and finally i told the secret that he was not my son, he was my wife’s and billy’s son and i felt i never told this to my son as i did not want him to hate his mother. Interesting is t fact that the mother of the same person in my real life had ran away with her lover after marriage and then was brought back home.
Dr.Vandana asked me if i had relations with any other women and i refused very clearly. I was asked to go to the time of death , i saw myself as 75 years old who was very weak due to excessive smoking and the wound in the stomach. I was trying to turn off the light when i fell and died, my body was there for 7 days and was eventually recovered by neighbours and police came to take my body, i was not leaving the place till my body was taken care of.
Doctor asked my what colour light i was and my answer was that i was a grey powder, she asked me to move  on and go into the white light but i told her i wanted to go back , i had some work, she told me to go back and finsih it and i went back to see my younger son , i saw him and gave him my blessings and it is after that that i cld move up and above, it was a great struggle to go to the white light , Dr.Vandana being a healer as well pushed me with her techniques and eventually i reached the white light , it was magical and peaceful, i feel i rested there for 7 years.

Before the session had started i had asked y me , why have i been suffering all the time in very single life and i got my answers, she told me to see the master and ask my questions, master was disappointed but still waited to hear my question, after i asked the question he was furious and left, the feeling i got was , he wanted to convey” when you know the answer why are you fooling yourself and why are you wating my time “ i was shaken , Dr.Vandana without hearing my question , had sensed that and immediately asked me to go to my soulmates and ask from them and they too were disppointed and asked me to look for answer within me”

After that Doctor asked me to go back and forgive the black guy, my wife, my son, billy which i did , most difficult was my son, he was a bad soul only seeking revenge , i tried and he seemed to be convinced , by this time i was too tired and exhausted, dr Vandana asked me to take energy from white light and then i was slowly brought back to my conscious level.
Its 3 weeks from my session now but i still feel the pain and the tiredness as i had a very difficult life both physically and emotionally. I have found many answers to my questions, i am more firm in my decisions and have the ability to say no to the wrong people .

Thank you doctor.

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Biography..Dr.Vandana Raghuvanshi

Dr. Vandana Raghuvanshi
Director Energy Healing Guidance   & Past life  Regression therapy Institute, Chandigarh
Life Coach   , Surgeon, Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapist, Life between lives therapy, CDT Expert, Inner Child Facilitator, Inner Critic Facilitator, Voice Dialogue therapist
Neuro-Linguistic Program (NLP) Therapist
Reiki Grand   Master   &  Pranic Healer.
Power of Subconscious Mind Trainer
Magnified healer and Teacher
Crystal Healer
Dowsing Teacher and Dowser
Teacher for Crystal ball gazing
Trainer for Forgiveness
Re-Birthing breath worker
Law of attraction trainer
EFT/ ERT [Emotional release therapy ] Trainer
Medical Vedic astrologer

· >Past life regression & hypnotherapy:   Successfully doing past life regression, children’s past life        sessions, Inner Child healing, Inner critic healing
 > past life therapy for phobia, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, sadness unexplained
  physical health problems, relationship issues, spiritual advancement, guidance from    master.
> LBL (Life between Lives) session, age regression, anti natal (in womb) regression, Inner child healing, >Re-Birthing cleansing of  present physical body Aura and Chakra before regression,
 >SRT (Spirit Releasement Therapy)
. >As a spiritual healer she does healing work in Past Life Session for forgiveness and disconnection of disharmony cords, removal of negative energy from past life and SRT in past life therapy session

> NLP therapy for nail biting, bed wetting, goal setting, eating disorders and to increase confidence and NLP for sports person.
> Hypnotherapy for phobia, alcohol, addictions, anxiety, stammering, stage fright, insomnia  #CDT for OCD [Obsessive Compulsive Disorder]  
>Re-Birthing session to do holistic healing
*Teaching Reiki Level 1,2 Level[ first and second degree ]
Third Degree  with Karuna Reiki
Grand mastership
Magnified healing
 EFT (Emotional Release Therapy),
 Crystal ball gazing
 Activation of third eye,
 Crystal healing,
 Forgiveness healing,
Past life regression and Hypnotherapy
Law of attraction [LOA] and Power of Subconscious mind.
Re- birthing
·    Healing: facilities provides.....
 Aura cleansing & aura healing
Distant healing
 Chakra cleansing, activating, radiating and balancing
Pranic healing for
 endocrine disorder healing example: PCOD, Infertility, Hypothyroidism, Diabetes, Asthma etc
.Karmic healing.
Healing for relationship issues
Healing for negative energy removal
Healing by three fold flame
Healing for group event
Emotional release therapy session
Healing for home and office for negative energy
,Past life regression, CDT   ON SKYPE

He cameto find the reason ...A past life story...

Man, 49 years of age, came for past life regression to understand “Why certain events and behavior tend to repeat themselves in my life?” He said , Doctor , I  find that I have some past life link for a pattern in my life, and I want to understand it.
I am less than 10 years old, all alone, scared and looking down at water. The sky is overcast with Dark clouds. I go ina house. A lady with her head covered is sitting and grinding wheels. She is my mother. There are fields around home. I am playing in front of home. 
Few men are fighting. They have swords. My mother is holding me tightly. A man’s stomach is pierced with the sword. He starts bleeding. He is my father. He fell to ground. I think he is dead. All the men leave. My mother tells me something. A lot of turbaned people wearing white dress came for cremation. I lit his funeral pyre. Mother is crying and ladies consoling her. I am hungry, there is nothing to eat. Someone brought food. My mother gives me bathand then gave me food to eat.
Now I am 20 year young man and a lot of young boys are with me. Fields are green. There is a big pillared gate at the entry to village. There is a Mela[ a festival,] being celebrated. There is Merry go round, bangle shops and lot of people.
I am 40, sitting under a tree, a lot of people are gathered around me. Everyone is looking at me. People ask me to settle the dispute and give judgement. A woman is crying because of the fight with her husband. Two boys fought over land. People accept my advice and judgement.
I am riding horse, wearing white clothes,going to another village along with many other people. We all carry swords. Here alsoa lot of people,gathered under the tree,are waiting for me. They look for answers to their disputes. It feels good that I am able to help them.
My mother is old, have grey hair. I did not marry. I am 50. There is a fight going on.I am the leader. Everyone is looking at me. Villagers from villages I visit, join us in the fight to defend.We are a 500 men army.I am also fighting. We are dressed in white and the other party is in blue dress. They attacked us we are defending ourselves.They are killing our people. A lot of people die and there is a lot of blood on ground. A lot of fighting is taking place. It seems we have won as attackers are running away. We captured some guns from them. I am injured on the back.  It is night and people keepsurveillance with the help of fire torches.Next day mass funeral pyres are lit.
A lot of men died. I am arranging livelihood for the women and children of the dead. Now things are peaceful. It seems my village is somewhere near Attari. I am getting old. I am at home most of the time. My mother is no more. I am alone. Lots of people come with problems. There is a black marble plate at the gate of my home, “RoopHazara” is written in Punjabi on it.  I am now 90 years. I slept in the night and did not wake up again. Thousands of people came. They are carrying me. Everybodyis crying. Local priest lit myfuneral pyre. The “RoopHazara” house is now a monument for them. I was very satisfied with my life. Guided towards light, he received ampleguidance for his present life.
Lesson learnt… Service to others is very satisfactory.

He said, Thank you so much dr. vandana ,this journey is very amazing, I will remember this experience always. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Surrogate Past Life Regression....When person himself / herself not able to come to Therapist...A very effective PLRT done by dr.vandana raghuvanshi.

Testimonial....Surrogate Past life Regression....
Send by the person who had this session with me.....
.Surrogate regression was taken by me for my brother. Issue for which session was taken was my brother's relationship with a girl from past 7 years, he wanted to marry her but my parents were not ready as they wanted him to first get settled in life and then get married. My brother who left studies after higher secondary
Wanted to start a construction business but my father who is a retired person had limited resources and was not well from past few years so cannot help my brother. He wanted that my brother should go abroad, be independent by himself to run a family and then get married but girl's parents were continuously pressurizing for marriage. This lead to blame game, as my brother started blaming parents that because of them he is not able to earn and not getting married. My brother started misbehaving with parents and use to threat them that he'll commit suicide. Then I approached Dr. Vandana and she suggested me to take a surrogate regression for my brother.
On the day of regression doctor took me into deep hypnotic trans. Session be ginned with seeking permission from my higher self and my brother's higher self to further proceed for PLR. After permission was granted, I was taken to most important past life of my brother which was affecting the present. It was 18th century life, in England. Entered the life as young 5 years old child with curly hair (same as he is having in his present life) and his name was Sam. With entering only into this past life crying beginned. Doctor asked to observe what happened to him. Saw that he was playing a with ball and was happy, then had a fight with young girl who was also playing with him and girl slapped him ( found that young girl to be myself, sister in his past life also, similar fights we had in our present childhood also). In next scene, he was sitting on table and having dinner with father( same father in present life) and was happy, father loves him a lot. Next I was asked to observe important event affecting present life. Sam was now 12 or 13 years old sitting on a wooden swing with a girl and holding her hand. Both were in love and the girl was his present life girlfriend also. Doctor asked to see what happens next. In next scene, he was 17 years old boy sitting depressed on chair and suddenly he gets up from chair go towards wooden Almira, opens it and picks up a revolver and shoot himself in his right forehead (in present life also he use to have severe headache on right side). Doctor asked to see why he shot himself and is there someone with him. Saw him lying in a pool of blood in his mother's lap (same mother in present life also) but reason for which he committed suicide was not found. Then doctor said life got over and took Sam's soul to very higher plane and ask to see down in life and find the reason.
Then saw Sam begging before his girlfriend's parents to let him meet her and he wanted to marry her. But they didn't allowed as they wanted him to bring money from home and told him they will marry their daughter to him only when he brings them money, they were greedy. In next scene, he steals money and jewelry from home and gives it to his girlfriend's parents but they wanted him to bring more and didn't allowed him to meet girl (in present life also he use to take money from mother by lying to her that he needs it and then buy expensive gifts for his girlfriend). Sam started remaining depressed, his mother made lot of efforts to make him understand that they are not good people and he should forget about girl as we don't have the amount of money they are asking for but he was adamant that he'll only marry that girl. He goes to his girlfriend's house daily and begs in front of her parents but they didn't said yes to his proposal. After sometime they married their daughter to some rich man and girl was also happy with her husband. After this event Sam was under severe depression and ended his life.
Then Dr.Vandana took the soul to seek master light's guidance. Guidance came that he should go abroad. After guidance healing was given and lot of blackness got released from body of my brother. Dr. Vandana also released all the unwanted chords from his aura.
Then 2nd life came of a married woman. Husband was present life girlfriend. I was asked to observe important event. Saw husband was hitting wife with a wooden stick. Reason behind was wife didn't brought enough dowry. In next scene, saw husband left the wife and started living with another  women. Wife couldn't bear this and ended her life by jumping in a river. After death soul was brought up and healing was given by doctor to release suicidal tendencies which remained in both lives and in present life also my brother use to threaten parents for ending life himself.
Results: My brother ended up relationship with the girl. Now he understands that his parents were right, respects them more. He has moved abroad now. I am so grateful to dr. vandana. Her work helped my brother and our family from massive troubles. We all bless her

Thursday, September 8, 2016

She came to know about her Past life Karma...A past life session worth reading....

~To know about my past lives karmas.
A 23 year old girl with a history of loss of father at the age of 4 years and of mother at the age of 21 years and a feeling of sadness, panic attacks and anxiety came for PLR session. She has phobia of water and suffers from epileptic seizures. She is living a homeless life since the death of her father. Her grandfather gave all of her father’s property to her uncle so she does not have a home. She said, Dr Vandana, I really want to know what bad Karmas I did.
It seems some desert in Afganistan. I am very happy girl.  My father & mother are my present life father & mother. My father is an affluent person and owns a big white house.
Something is happening. People on horses come. My parents hide me. They slaughtered my parents and all others present in the house. A man (he is my present life grandfather) who knows my father came and now he lives in our palace like home with his son.
It is afternoon and sun is at its peak. My room has a large bed and a big window. I am alone. The room is dark. It gets lighted up by sun and moon. My name is Saana. It is 1902. I met a boy of my age while on a walk. We meet regularly. The man who now lives in my home arranged our marriage. The boy’s parents were known to us. I am getting married but I stayed at my parent’s home because I have their memories with me. My husband goes far from here to work and comes back daily.     
I am pregnant. It is delivery time with lot of difficulty. I am surrounded by many ladies. My son is born. I am bleeding heavily. We are very happy but soon we realized our son would not walk.
I am standing by the side of the window wearing a white dress. I am in lot of pain and crying. The man along with other people came and told my husband died in an accident and now you do not have the right to live. The man orders people to arrange wood to burn me. I am 32 and my son is 4 years old. I am crying a lot. I jumped off from the window and hit the ground head on. I died on the spot. It is so strange, instead of burying they burnt my body. My last thought was feeling of too much guilt that I left my son behind. I was remembering my parents. The lesson I learnt is that one has to strongly resist and fight for oneself.
Now, I am sitting on the same window looking at my son. He is sitting all alone on the bed in that room. No one takes care of him. This man (who is my present life grandfather) was after my father’s home and money. It was he who arranged slaughter of my parents but he appeared to pretend that he has come to take care of me. They told me my husband died in an accident but he had sent men on horses to snatch money and throw him off the cliff. All villagers had witnessed it but none told me the truth. This man wanted our property for his son but his son grew up worst kind of man always angry and an alcoholic. Even his son died due to alcohol few years after my death. It is so strange, he is my present life uncle and my grandfather gave him my father’s share after his death.
My son is so sad and all alone. I feel guilty. One day my son at the age of 10 died in that room. I went against Nature’s law and against God’s wish. The house is on fire and the man got burnt in sleep. I asked her to seek forgiveness from her son. Now I asked her to forgive the man. I can’t, she refused. She went into the light with the help of masters. In light, her father was waiting for her. He said he loves her and he is there to protect her. Then he told her to go back.
I chose to guide her to the root cause of her water phobia and epileptic seizures. With healing, she could enter her 2nd past life.
I am a girl child of 12 years. My parents died in an accident. My grandfather (who is again my present life grandfather) brought me up. He drinks a lot and is making life difficult for me. I left everything to him and started working at the age of 18. It is LA and my life is Alexandra.
I am on a beach with my friends. There are five of us, all drunk. We are on a boat and enjoying. Suddenly water started entering boat. I had epileptic stroke due to fear. All of us drowned. I died in water at the age of 22. My last thought was of fear of being alone and not trusting.
I guided her to the light. I requested her master light to give answer. Violet colour light came to respond. When asked, why the grandfather is harming her again and again, the answer given was, you killed his child out of jealousy in one of your lives. He cursed you that you will lose your parents. And now it is all over. She asked for forgiveness from her grandfather.
She said I feel relaxed. I found all answers. Thank you, Doctor. 


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Past life story ..A session report from Chandigarh...session conducted by dr.vandana raghuvanshi

Independence struggle revolutionary in Past life and army captain in present life.
An Army Captain, 24 years of age, wished to know ---- Why do I have tendency for right side injuries? Why does not right knee heals? He has a history of calcification in right knee, minor abscess on right hip, stress fracture right leg tibia, right knee injury six months back. He said Dr.Raghuvanshi, This knee issue is blocking achievement of his main goal in life.
It is British ruled Bharat. I am a young boy standing outside my home. A British on horse kicks me on my right side. I run inside my home. My father is not at home. My mother tends to my wounds on right shoulder, right hand and right knee. My younger sister is watching. My Father returns in night. He works against British. I am growing up. A point on the right side of my right knee does not heal. It is getting worse. I feel pain of and on and it has become a habit to endure the pain. I get good education. I become a prominent person while working against British. I work from home and meet many people. My father now works more aggressively against the British. Both of us have same aim but adopt different ways towards goal.
I am married and love my wife. (I recognize her in my present life). I do not plan to have children because of the type of work I am engaged in. My fatherleads a group of revolutionaries. He is attacked. I reach there, my father is lying down. My father does not respond. He is dead. He was strong but I am weak. The British crushes my feet, my right side of the body with his boots. I am not able to stand up. People help me reach home. My father is being cremated.
It takes three months for me to heal and feel better. I move out of home to play at bigger level. We are gathered at some isolated area. We are now more aggressive revolutionaries. We make bombs and throw them at British. We live in secluded place away from home. We do not harm our people. Ours is a small group. We are now known public figures.
They find us, surround us, capture, take and lock us up somewhere. They torture us and do not provide food. We are not bothered. They lock our hands at the back and take us away somewhere hidden from public. They shoot us one by one and we fall on to the ground smiling. I am happy. My right knee still hurts. I am lyingon the ground, smile on my face, and die happily. Life was worth. I sacrificed my life for the independence of my country.

He was very satisfied from experience.