Monday, May 21, 2018

Screaming in sleep and past life link

Screaming in sleep and past life link

A man feeling deep sadness inside came for PLR session. He told he screams in sleep and wakes up with fear.


I am standing in a big home. There are many rooms in the house. There are lot of plants all around the house. It is an English country. Everything is made of wood. I am in late 20s and good looking. I do not see any family member only my help is there. It seems my parents died few years ago. I also have a library with many books in the home.

I am at my work place. I deal in timber. Lot of wooden logs are stacked around here. The factory is also made of wood is next to my home. It is a big estate. Lot of people are working in the factory. I am very well off. People from the area came to me for money for the development of that area. I am always busy in work and give work to many people. I even did not marry. Life goes on.

A worker did something wrong. I removed him from job and forgot it. It is 1700 in UK. Time is passing in the same routine. I read lot of good books. My library has many books.

There is fire everywhere.  I am burning. The home is burning. The factory is burning. My body was burning at the time of my death. I am dead. My mind was not at peace. I was very sad. I was 60 years. Last thought was so many people working for me were dependent on me and running their families. Now they will remain hungry. I am feeling lot of guilt and sadness. I am moving towards light. An understanding is coming to me that the man whom I removed lit the fire all around. I am forgiving him. In light I am getting healed and am at peace.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Reliving PLR session after seven years

PLR Session for Sudden joint pain

A person started feeling suddenly joint paint in both the hands. The discomfort of pain made the person press fingers involuntarily and make crackling sounds. Medical diagnostic reports indicated normal Ra factor, uric acid and X-ray.


I am a Father in a Church in some European country. It is night time and I am in a very simple room inside the Church. It seems there is some chaos in the city. I am in late forties and standing outside the church.  It is day time big vehicles with armed men are on the road. They are picking up all the men, women, children and herding them in the vehicles. The soldiers are picking two small kids. I run to them to free the kids from the soldiers. He shouts at me “go away” but I did not stop. In anger he picked me up also and pushed me inside the vehicle. There is no place to sit as it is jam packed with people. They lock it from the outside. Women and children are crying. The vehicle is moving out of city. It seems very long journey.  At last the vehicle reached a walled open place. The gate opened and vehicle entered inside. All were ordered to come down. We get down. There are many soldiers here. I notice an emblem on the truck. It seems I am in Nazi’s Ghetto camp. It is a rocky open area full of stones. The soldiers are shouting at us. They give us some thick soup in a bowl. They order us to break the stones. They come off and on and beat with hunter the people who have not broken the stones. I feel that we are fed only once in a day. I feel lot of pain when they beat the women and children. Then I decided to work on behalf of women and children who were not able to break the stones. It seems I have a stone in one hand and breaking it with another stone held in other hand. Slowly many people started dying there. When someone died we are told to throw the body in one corner. I do not know what they do with them. There is lot of mental and physical suffering in this camp.  I am console people and tell them to believe in Almighty. I am getting very thin now. My both hands are in constant pain and fingers hurt. I feel I have lived in that camp for more than two years. It is early morning. I am breaking stones for a young woman. It seems a light is approaching me. I am dead.  Death came very easily. At the time of death all my fingers were in pain and hurting but my mind was at peace. Lesson learnt: one can extend help to people anywhere. Before leaving, I felt myself standing a little above the ground and praying for people who died. It seems that the whole Ghetto camp is filled with white light.

I am going towards light. In the light there is lot of brightness and peace. My present body fingers feel vibrations. I felt presence of blue master light in light.  I am receiving many messages. The guidances are coming very fast but I am not able to comprehend. I asked blue master light to make it clear. The answer came you will know when time comes. I felt oneness with the light.


The pain memory in the fingers came at the same age in present life when father started breaking stones for women & children in past life. The involuntary action of pressing of fingers and making crackling sound stopped within three months. It is almost 7 years after session never felt pain in fingers again.      

Reliving two past lives in single session


I am a tall man, wearing brown coat and brown horse riding trousers. I am waiting for a girl in a beautiful garden. She is from the middle east country. I loved her, we talked and held hands. She had promised to come back. Something deep inside tells me that I am not going to see her again.
I am a doctor from a very well to do family. It is USA.  I am a learned doctor in law living in a beautiful white mansion type home. It is built with long pillars. (I like such houses even in my present life). We have horses and a group of many people help us take care of our property.
My mother and two children are there in home. They are of my brother who also lives in the same house.  We are having our meals but we are not talking to each other. Now I am lying on bed in my room waiting for the next day.

I am getting ready for my wedding. I am waiting for the bride. The bride does not turn up instead police is looking for me.  I run away with the help of my brother and am hiding in a place which is like a vacation place or farm house. I am going to surrender to the police after hiding for 3-4 months.  I am arrested and imprisoned. The girl I loved was boarding her ship to go to her home in middle east and her cousin who also loved her had an argument with me about us. He killed and threw her in the sea. Police found her body and thought that i killed her. Though I was a Doctorate in Law yet I could not defend myself.

I am being taken for hanging till death but I am no more afraid. My regret is that how come I could not save myself. After the rope is put around my neck, I tell them that my last wish is that I would myself kick the stool  I am standing on and no one should help me.  Suddenly I am happy and smiling.

I smiled because I did not die of because of hanging but of a heart attack. I felt GOD knew I was innocent and did not let me die by hanging. I was so happy as my soul consciousness is now aware of my innocence and carrying no guilt. I was buried and my grave stone read “Dr. Christopher Ben ” 19....-19...” which meant I died at the age of 38.

After my death I a pure white light and moved up fast, saw all my soul mates again. Lesson learnt that life is just, no matter what happens God knows everything and he will do Justice. The master soul blessed me and then I knew I had to go back, I did not rest much.....

I am in Canada.  I am a well dressed and educated man and I love my family. Rioting is taking place. I pick up both my kids, my son and daughter and ask my wife to hurry up. They are attacking the villagers and killing them. My wife asks me to take the kids with me and leave. She will come with neighbours and join me later. I reach the main road and get into a cart/car with my son and daughter but the looks of the driver of that car/cart were very uncomfortable. I just prayed that he drops us off to a safe place and has no wrong intentions.

I am sad, I lost my wife because she never came that day. I am now living with my children and we are in USA. I loved my wife no other woman came in my life. I am a very well dressed successful and respected business man but very sad and aloof. Very lonely!
I wear my best grey suit, my hat and even shoes and lie down in my bed. I know it is time for me to go, so I am gone. I died a very calm death.  There is a huge gathering at the church, my children and their families are there. My daughter has come from some place far away. I am a pure white light moving up. I feel presence of my wife here. She was my soulmate waiting for me. We joined each other and master soul blessed us. My soulmate assured me that we would be together again in the next life.

It was such a blissful feeling ......................Now I know why i am so scared of moving to Canada, as i had lost a soulmate in that land.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Issue of height, water phobia and PLR session

An 18 year old girl opted for past life regression therapy to find the reason of her short height and fear of swimming.


I am a 24 years old man living in a big house. It is dark outside. I am leaving my home. I walk all alone a long distance and reach a village. There are many small huts in the village. I enter one of the huts. There is a lady of my age in the hut. She serves me food. She is my wife. We had a love marriage. I had gone to take money from my parent’s home. It is India and the year is 1916.

My wife is going along with Mukhiya [head] of the village.  She looks happy. I ask her to stay but she took all my money and went away. I am sitting all alone and crying. There is no food to eat. I stayed hungry whole day all alone in the hut. It is night and my wife has returned back. I ate the food she brought and went into deep sleep. The Mukhiya is holding both my legs and my wife cuts both my thighs with a sharp knife. I am bleeding.  Mukhiya is sprays salt on my wounds. It is very painful. (visibly cried with pain). I am sinking. They take me out of the hut and threw me in the river on the outskirts of village.

It is morning and a fisherman took me out of the river. He takes care of me. I am going to my parent’s home with the help of fisherman. I cannot walk without walking sticks. I cannot go out of home and work. I do nothing.

My wife visits me after five months. I forgive her but my parents do not want her to stay. It is night, my wife asks me to take money and return to the village hut again. I agree and take money. She is holding my hand and taking me to village. It is very painful to walk. I am almost dragged by her. Now we live in hut and I am happy because she stays with me. She again left the hut after few weeks. I waited for three days for her return. It is midnight. I walk down to the river with the help of walking sticks and jump. I drown and am dead.  My last thought was do not trust anybody and always value money.


She told I cannot take salt easily as the sight of salt makes me very uncomfortable. She is from a well to do family but is always reluctant to buy expensive things. She is very hesitant to celebrate her birthdays. She fears loss of money. She does not trust friends/love.  She told that now I know the reason of my short height and suddenly I feel lighter. She said I will always remember you Doctor !!!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Self actualisation via PLR session

Self actualization via Past life regression session

She said I came to you for my curiosity. A past life regression session  shared by person who regressed.


I am a 16 years old girl wearing a Punjabi suit with covered head. I am inside Golden Temple in Amritsar. I have come here to devote my life to serve my faith in defiance to the wishes of my family. I live here. I am about the age of 22 and leave. Now I am in Mount Abu in Rajasthan.  I am a Brahma Kumari now. I am now in my late 20’s, popular and teach small groups. I spend most of my time reading, meditating, and giving speeches.  

Now i am in my 30s and crying (visibly sobbing). I am forced to leave Braham Kumari centre. Three of the other Braham Kumris in the centre got together and accused me of something i have not done. I do not look for the cause as that is not important (recognizes the main person behind that plan as a girl who comes to the same gym she visits in present life).

I leave the centre and go back to Punjab and start teaching in school. I am wearing a black Saree, sindoor and a bindi. I married the physical education teacher in the same school and have a son. My husband loves me immensely. I care for him and my son but i am too detached to be in my own shell. My husband loves and cares a lot but nothing could bring me out of my shell. I am nearing end 40’s and my husband has given up and lost the spark in his eyes. Now he knew my soul was not his.

I am in between 55-60, start to meditate and prepare to depart. It seems I have got HOLD OF MY LIFE ONCE AGAIN.  My husband has realized the change and loves me so much that he tries to copy me to depart along with me as he does not want to stay after me. But that is not his soul journey and I feel helpless as I cannot explain this to him.

I wake up early morning wake my husband up, hug him, say goodbye and tell him it is time to depart.  I take a bath, wear pure white clothes, have tea with my husband and sat on the chair holding his hand and departed.

I am being cremated.  He carried my last rights and is sad. I cannot move up so I am going back to tell him that I too loved him and to promise to be together again. I ask for his forgiveness and i move up after he forgave me.

Lesson  learnt:  SELF REALIZATION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN PEOPLE’s APPRECIATION. Thanks Dr. Raghuvanshi for the wonderful experience.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Experiences of Past Lives and Lessons learnt

Experiences of Past Lives and Lessons learnt

I am a doctorate in law and still could not prove my innocence when accused of killing my fiancĂ©. I am imprisoned and sentenced to death. I had the courage to walk to the hanging place, put the rope around my neck and kick the stool I was standing on the day of my hanging. I reached the white light after my death. I realized that I am a pure soul. I got the impression that I died of a heart attack before I was actually hanged. I felt this immense peace that though the life was so unjust yet there is always justice in life. Lesson learnt:  “LIFE IS FAIR even if we do not recognize it then“. The realization that my death was a natural death instead of by hanging was a blessing in itself. At this point the master soul gave me blessings and an impression that I was a good soul. I also learnt that one needs to speak out for what is right and should have the courage and ability to prove his righteousness and seek justice .This LBL was very peaceful. I asked the master light about the purpose of my present life, it told me that i would know it very soon. A great sense of satisfaction and blessings showered upon me. It was an amazing experience.

I led a respectful life. I had lost my wife and lived alone after that. I reached the white light after my natural death at an old age. My wife who also happened to be my soul mate was waiting there. We embraced each other and were together feeling blessed. My wife indicated that I should take blessings of the master soul and go back to earth. All my soul mates and master soul nodded on her advice. I was showered with blessings by the master soul. She reassured me that she would join me soon and i left the white light. I so far recognized two soul mates, my younger brother who has always been either my child or my younger brother and Steve Jobs.

I also regressed slightly to future, i wanted to know when would my troubles end and when would i actually be ready for the purpose of present life? The impression I got was a red demarcation line and the fact that very little was left for me to cross that line. The other side was beautiful. Respect, recognition, purpose and peace were awaiting me ....I loved the feeling and it still is so fresh in my mind.

I died after living a female life in which abandoned by lover again yet very contented. In white light felt I am to rest there for 10 years. I could feel any soul mates around and there they were again , all of them , reading writing and lost in their scholarly world again......There was my soul mate also , who was younger and conveyed to me that no matter where i go i would be re united with him again. He was also writing and the subject was “you would be mine”. He held my hand and pulled me towards himself so that i could join him. It seemed the time to meet him in present life is very close.
My master light was right behind me waiting lovingly for me. I turned around and asked about the purpose of my life. It surrounded and blessed me. I stayed in that state of abundance blessings to my full.... contented, blessed and light...........IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL FEELING! I had recognized my soul mate but i was in denial. He was my best friend. Lesson learnt: One needs to be responsible for his own actions and be contented “

I lived a life with no regrets, loved immensely, given chances and then taken justice in my hands. I had died a beautiful respectful death however before departing I felt i had an unfinished job. I wanted to forgive my dad and seek forgiveness which i did. I wanted to make him realize that he needs to be a responsible soul, he cannot carry on leaving his children life after life so i made him understand and then forgave him and also asked for his forgiveness. I could go to rest only after i finished this responsibility. This time too my master soul was smiling at me. I had a beautiful experience and the lesson learnt was “Sometimes the best decisions are not necessarily the right ones and while taking a decision one should always involve both one’s heart and mind. The practical decisions are not always the best ones for our soul journey”.

It is amazing how the soul experiences, interprets and carries different impressions. It is so strange how we keep carrying impressions and how we plan to pay for our deeds ....I feel blessed to have been able to experience many  lives...........Maybe this is one of the reasons i kept coming back to India despite all that i went through here.

“My lesson from life was NEVER LOVE SO IMMENSLY that would hurt you to let go “

PLR for release of unresolved issues

PLR for release of unresolved issues.

A divorced lady having unresolved issues came for PLR session. Though divorced for last 10 years she still is obsessed with her ex-husband. She suffers from phobia of drowning and has troubled relationship with her mother.


I am a 15 year old girl living in a village with my mother & brother. It is 15th century England. There is a church. My mother does not want me at home. There is a big fat man who is not wearing clothes on upper body. My mother (my mother in present life also) sends me with him. My brother is against it but he cannot do anything. He is helpless. He is just 7 and very young to protect me. The man (my present life husband) takes me to a building. It is not a house and looks like a storage. He locks me in a dark room, beats me with a stick and tortures me lot. He did not marry me. It seems he is a mad man and takes pleasure in torturing me. I do not know how much time has passed. I want to run away from here.

There is an opening for air in the room. I climb up to the opening, cross it and reach outside. There is a very small place and it is very difficult to sit. I am not able to sit and fall down into the water flowing below. I am dead. I am 29. My Last thought was I want to be free.

Lesson learnt…I should have tried some other way to run away. I did not want to die.

(As a therapist I feel forgiveness is very important, only then she can be free from her issue). I advised her to seek the reason why the man did this to her, she came to know that in one of her lives she troubled his mother a lot. She asked for his forgiveness and forgave him herself. The man started crying.

Guided to the light, a green light, her soul mate, responded “I am with you and did not give identity. It told we are not separate.  You are me and I am you.”

Reorientation……She said in present life also my mother persuaded me to get married. She never wanted me to get close to my father and brother. She did not tolerate me at home. It is because of this emotional depravation I landed up marrying my present life husband. I committed a blunder. Thanks a lot  Dr. Raghuvanshi, I am feeling very light .