Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Past life story...

Past life regression session written and  shared by person....
Hi Everyone ,
I am here  to share my experience and learning and i hope it helps you in some way too.
I reached the  Vandana Clinic as per scheduled and after a deep breathing exercise and some meditation i was taken to the state of trans, I was apprehensive as i had reached the clinic under a lot of stress and was wondering if i could regress at all , but thanks to Dr.Vandana it happened fast.
I was a young woman in mid twenties in the middle of a forest, i was in search of  something, after crossing a bridge i reached a very modest wooden Hut, i knocked at the door and a lady opened the door , she was the care taker, i asked her for the person i was looking for and she said they no more lived there, i turned back and started walking towards home, i could not believe that my husband had just left me without even telling me. I had to travel back to see why did this happen to me , i started crying during the session and actually i was in so much pain and agony that it took alot of time for me to stop crying, after i had calmed down with the help of healing energies that were asked to help me and heal me i travelled back and i saw that My husband and me had met in a university in Chicago, it was a sunny day and i was sitting on grass and studying when he stopped by to ask me a question and further we met and fell in love , after a year we married. After marriage i was having a good job and interestingly this was a very recent life as i would wear formal clothes to office and houses were modern . I was well settled and i was more successful than my husband, he was still struggling, after about 6 months of marriage he got a letter from home and he left to return back soon however he never showed up. I waited for a few months and somehow i found his home address and when i reached there no one was there.
I wanted to see why did he have to leave and the answer was that he was earlier married and under family pressure and especially because of his father and former wife he had left me for good. I was hurt , i was really hurt.
The next important event was when i saw myself teaching, i had students of all ages and i was very happy and contented, i was a very healthy and active woman though i had greyed.
After that i saw an amazing person, (It was a tall building in New York city), i was having tea and discussing some books with one of the greatest spiritual healers of the modern age, whose technique i follow as a healer , i was surprised and immensely  happy to know that i have been associated with  such a great personality.
The next scene was when my husband had come home , he attended a class and after that he wanted to explain to me and apologize, i assured him that he was already forgiven and that i would appreciate if he never comes back.
I was asked if there were any significant event and i reached my death time, I was delivering a lecture to a huge audience, as soon as i finished the lecture where i was still at the podium itself i started to feel un easy so i asked a student of mine to take me home, when i reached home i asked him to leave as i knew the time had come, i showered, changed into new clothes in white, sat on my bed, said my prayer and watched myself moving up. It was an amazing experience, peaceful, satisfying and contenting.
After my death I guided to light by dr.vandana   , the master light  was there to heal me.
This Past life regression   was the most amazing experience and the best gift of my life . thanks dr.vandana ..

Friday, March 10, 2017

My father who is no more wants me to do something and I am feeling confused about life.....Answer found in Past life regression with LBL session.....Chandigarh

Feeling confused about life ----I have a feeling that my father, who died a year back, wants me to do something.
A 34 year old married woman came to me and said Dr. Vandana, I am confused about my life as I have a feeling that my father, who was a cancer patient and expired a year back, is around me and is in pain. It has been a year that I constantly feel uncomfortable because of this.  Doctor, I want your help to resolve this issue. In this life I cannot trust people.
I am walking on a kutcha dirt road that ends at the wooden gate of the house. I am a woman inside the home. This house is big. The stairs are going up. There is a room there. An old couple is sitting in the room. There is another room.  A couple is inside the room. They have two kids with them.
It is night time I am sleeping on a cot in the kitchen. My dress is Rajasthani.
It is day time. I am cooking food and serving them. The young couple is taking meals. Now it is afternoon I am working in field. Everyone is working in the field. We are happy. In night again I cook food and sleep in kitchen.
We packed everything and left for somewhere in a cart. I am feeling sad. I do not have parents. The old couple kept me with them since I was 16 years of age. They are talking about me.
It seems we came very far. The old couple is now talking to a young man. They got me married to him in a very short ceremony. They left me with my husband.
I am happy. Now I have a child. Our life is normal. My name is Veero. I call my son Sukha. Now my son is a young man. I feel things are not fine in our area. I am worried about my son. One day lot of riots take place in this area.  My son went out and I ran after him. They killed him with a sword in front of me. He is just 21 years of age. We both are very sad now. We are just living for living. I died at the age of 60. My body was cremated by my husband. My last thought was I have lost trust in life. But lesson I learnt was to be kind and forgive.
Guided towards the light master light came and asked her to help her father. With the guidance of light the gall bladder area was cleaned and healed. Now after that she felt presence of her father’s higher self and told her that now I am free and he said now he is going in light. She also received a message that when you find time donate grains and throw flowers in Ganges at Hardwar. Master light told you don’t need to panic in any situation in present life. Live peacefully.
Dr Vandana, my father had gall bladder carcinoma. In light I felt I am inside energy body of my father and my energy hands are removing blockages from that area that was causing pain to him. Thank you so much for miraculous work and helping me release departed soul of my father to light. God Bless !!!!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Past life story...Repeat pattern...Past life regression will help to break pattern....

A 42 year old woman had regression eight months back. Her daughter is having Asperger syndrome. In her past life the same soul was her daughter and had similar issue. She told my daughter drains my energy. Why do I have such daughter again and again ? ? ?
I am a 30 year woman looking at my dry field with no crop.  I am very sad.  Other’s fieldare greenwith crop. 
Mine is a very small kutcha house. We are poor. My two kids are hungry. I am cooking food. My husband is sitting. He does not work. He is lazy.  I work very hard. I see my daughter with someone. I donot feel good.
Now my house is big. We are very comfortable. It seems there is marriage at home.My husband is very angrywith my daughter. He throws glass on floor. My daughter is crying. I am with her in another room. It’s evening now.My daughter is running and I am running after her, but she jumps from the height. She died due to head injury (started crying and cried for a long time).My daughter was 16 years old. There was a man of our age who gave us money to build house and live comfortably. In return he wanted to marry my young daughter and we agreed. This was my idea. We were very poor.My daughter was beautiful. I thought we cannot protect her. The boy she used to meet was also very poor.
My husband is very sad. Now only our son is with us. I am 45 years now. My son is married and having kids. I am not well, have breathing problem. I am dead. The last thought was I could have saved my daughter. She never wanted to marry that man. We forced her. We could have married her to the boy she used to meet. She requested me so much to let her go but I did not listen to her. My body is cremated. My husband and son are there. My husband is also my present life husband. My son is the son of my brother-in-law in this life. I feel attached to him. It is 18th century Madhya Pradesh.  My name was Ishwari.
My observation… In this life she has desire to have a son but after the birth her daughter she could not conceive again. Her diagnosis is ovarian failure. So her daughter is single child getting allher attention, care and love in this life. 

Saturday, March 4, 2017

What did I do that he came into my life? Neither he leaves me nor do I leave him. A 41 year of age woman came to know what I did that he came into my life? Doctor Vandana, Neither he leaves me nor do I leave him. We are married for 15 years and have 2 kids. Session…. It is a small village in the hills. I am taking lunch with my parents & brothers. We are happy. They are Indian and I am foreigner and very beautiful (I do not know why?). I am twenty five. I have a job in Delhi. I met a very handsome boy at the airport and we smiled at each other. This is recent times. I am at my work place. I am very hard working. Oh God ! my boss ! he is my present life husband. He frequently calls me in his chamber. My name is Elena. One day he called me for dinner but I told him that you are married and left the job. Now I am jobless and live in a small room. I went to meet that boy at airport. I asked his help for a job. His name is Avinash. He advised me to get trained as a pilot as it is easy to find pilot job. I discussed with my parents and started training. I worked hard and after training I got a job. Me and Avinash started meeting regularly. I like him a lot. Life is good now. On day suddenly my ex-boss met me in a supermarket. He gave me dirty looks. Avinash stopped meeting me after a month. I searched for him but could not trace him. My ex-boss started stalking me and troubling me. One day I went to his office and hit him on the head with a log. He started bleeding. Police was informed. Police took me away. Next day my ex-boss got me released from the police custody. I found his home address, visited his home and told his wife everything. My Ex-Boss was also at home and he was looking at me with anger. Later on I learnt that his wife committed suicide. After few days the Ex-boss caught me on the way and took me to an isolated place and raped me. Angered I hit him on the head with a stone. He fell unconscious and same day I returned back to my home in village. Time passed by now I am 35. My father is sick and my brothers are not settled yet. We are now in difficult financial situation. I decided to go back to Delhi. Again searched for Avinash and found him. He told your ex-boss threatened to kill my parents, so I left the city and shifted to another place. We started meeting regularly. I started working. My brothers also got settled. Now I am 40 and we both got married. I gave birth to a daughter but she died after a year. I am happy. One day my ex-boss saw me in the market. I was afraid. Somehow I could run away. I told my husband. We both got worried. After few weeks, my ex-boss got Avinash killed. Then he came to meet me and asked me to marry him. I wanted to take revenge so I married him. He took me to his home after marriage. He takes lot of care of me and my brothers. As my father expired, he called my mother to live with us. But I hate him. He had a heart attack. In hospital I tried to mix some injection in his drug but he survived. He is on a wheel chair. He has transferred all of his business to me. He had another heart attack after few months and now he is bed ridden. I put him in a ground floor room. I place his meals far from him so that he cannot reach and eat it. I want him to suffer a lot. He pleads for my forgiveness. My mother started interfering. She took lot of care of him, gave him good food and he started improving. My mother also tells me to forgive him. But I could not. Now I am 50 and not well. My husband took a lot of care of me. My mother advises me to live in harmony. Now I do not hate him as much. I pretend everything is normal but inside there is deep dislikes for him. He loves me a lot and one day he died. I arranged a drink party at home after his cremation. At 55 years I died in car accident. The lesson I learnt “Do not hate so much”. Guided to her birth event she told I am born to a foreigner couple in Goa. They left me in a church and sister from Goa took me to an orphanage in Delhi, when I was 2 years, for adoption. My father was very good man. He used to visit orphanage and distributed sweets. He adopted me. Guided to the light she received blessings from Sai Baba.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Past life Story Chandigarh

Past life regression …single session…she experienced two lives in single session….

Life as ….Dr. Christopher Ben:
I was a tall man, wearing brown coat and brown horseriding trousers, i was waiting for a woman  in a beautiful garden. She was a girl i loved, from the middle east, we talked and held hand and she promised that she would be back, but something deep inside told me i am not gonna see her again.
I was in USA, from a very well to do family, I was a doctor , very learned but later i realized i was a Doctor in Law. I lived in a beautiful mansion type home , it was white with long pillars...I somehow always liked such houses even in my present life. We had horses, and many people who helped us to take care of our property.

At home i saw my mother whom till date i have not recognized, two children ..........I knew these children were of my brother and his wife who lived in the same house. After that i cld not see anything for a while and then i saw a supper scene where no one wld talk to each other at supper and later i was in my room , lying on bed and waiting for the next day.
When moved to next day, i realized it was my wedding day , i was getting ready and waiting for my bride, who never turned up and instead police was looking for me, with the help of my brother i ran away from there and was hiding in a place which was like a vacation place or farm house for 3-4 months and later i went and surrundered to police. I was jailed .................when i was asked to go back and see the cause of my imprisonment i saw that teh girl i loved was boarding her ship to go to her home in middle east and her cousin who loved her , he had an argument about me with her, and he killed her and threw her in the sea, after the body was discovered , it was thought that i killed her. I was a docterate in Law and yet could not save myself and defend myself .
Next scene was near my death, i was taken to be hanged but i was no more afraid....My regret was that how come i could not save myself, when the rope was put around my neck, i told them that my last wish was that i would kick the stool myself and no one shld help me .........suddenly i was happy and smiling , Dr.Vandana asked me why are you smiling and i replied because i did not die of hanging, I died of a heart attack so it means God too knew i was innocent and did not let me die by hanging, i was so happy as my soul consious ness was now aware of me being innocent and was carrying no guilt. When i died i was burried and my grave stone read “ Dr.Christopher Ben” 19....-19.... which meant i died at the age of 38 .
After my death i moved up, i was a pure white light and moved up fast, saw all my soulmates again and  i had learnt that life is just, no matter what happens God knows everything and he will do Justice. The master soul blessed me and then i knew i had to go back, I did not rest much.....
 Dr.Raghuvanshi guided me to another life and i moved to another life...................
Second past life
This time i was in Canada:

I was a well dressed and educated man and loved my family, suddenly i saw a scene that there were Riots happening and i picked up both my kids, my son and daughter and was asking my wife to harry up as the villages was being attacked and they were killing people, my wife asked me to take the kids and leave and she would join me , she was supposed to come with the neighbours. I reached the main road and got into a cart/car with my son and daughter but the looks on the man driving that car/cart was very uncomfortable and i was just praying that he drops off to a safe place and has no wrong intentions.
After this i saw a scene were i was sad, When i asked to find the cause i realized that it was because i had lost my wife, she never came that day.
I was now living with my children and we were in USA, Dr.Vandana asked if i ever had any other woman in life and i replied no, i loved my wife. I was a very well dressed man , a very successful and respected business man yet very sad and aloof. Very lonely!
Next i saw was my death scene , i had died a very calm death, i knew it was time for me to go, so i had dressed in my best gray suit, wore my hat and even shoes and lay down in my bed and i was gone. There was ahuge gathering at the church , my children and their  families were there too, my daughter had come from some place far away.
After i moved up, i was a pure white light, i moved up and i saw my wife, she was my soulmate, waiting for me, we joined each other and master soul blessed us and my soulmate assured me that we would be together in the next life.
It was such a blissful feeling ......................Now i knew why i was so scared of moving to Canada, as i had lost a soulmate in that land.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Past life regression is useful in many ways...

Past life regression helped me....Read my session experience..
.I am sharing my experiences as i know many of you who are reading these articles would have similar questions and maybe this would help you find your answers too or look for help.
I called Dr.Vandana Raghuvanshi  for an appointment and further reached her clinic as scheduled. We started regression , i entered  in my past life  and i saw myself as a girl around the age of 13-14 and i was entering a house , nice, cozy home with a green grass lawn, a white painted house....I was baby sitting a small 4-5 years  old kid, he was not my brother but i was very attached to that baby, his parents would come by 5 pm and that was the time i would leave for my home. I was asked to see where i stayed and i was staying in an orphanage , i was well over the age i was allowed to stay however i was a favourite of nuns there who run the orphanage attached to the church so i was permitted to stay. I needed to know how did i end up being in the orphanage so  i travelled back and i Saw my current life mother leaving the city with my younger brother and leaving me behind, i was then at the age of  7/8 with brown hair, wearing a long white frock , i could see them go but i still did not know what did that mean and never came to know either.
Dr.Vandana asked me to recognize the place and it was very clear that it was Canada.
The next scene was that i was married and my husband (who happens to be my soulmate as i have seen many times in previous  sessions )was bed ridden, i was working and i would take care of him , i had to travel back to see how and why was he bed ridden and how did we get married, when i reached back to the time, i saw that we were class mates in college and we fell in love very young and got married at the age of 21-22 and after a few years when i was just 26 years old he met with an accident, he was Benjamin and after that accident Benjamin could not move as he had got paralyzed waist below.... Dr. Vandana asked me if i ever met any other man and the answer was no , I loved Benjamin and i was happy and contented taking care of him, he on the other hand was very sad and his disability had taken a tall on him.

When i was taken to the most important event in my life which usually is why one wants to have the regression and is the event which has the lesson one carries from that life, i saw myself a middle aged woman, now age and the fact of being both the bread winner and the nurse for my husband was showing on my face and i was no more the happy woman i was , the scene i saw brought a smile on my face and was when Benjamin and me walked out of the hospital ,he was cured and  he could walk now, i was so happy and felt that all that pain and suffering was worth those many years,  after that i saw a scene where i came home from work and saw Benjamin hanged from the ceiling, he left me alone after all those years and all those efforts. He had become too sadistic and had started to believe that he is worthless and he should not live anymore, i did not blame him but i felt so lonely , i left that house and went back to the church and soon after i died too. Till this moment i had not cared to identify myself as i had sacrificed my life for my soulmate , when Dr.Vandana asked me to see what it was written on my grave stone , it read “ Anna who gave her life for love” and i started crying , my tears did not stop for a few minutes and  dr .vandana  calmed  me down  and took me to The lesson i learnt in that life was “never love so immensely and give the other person the chance to love you and care for you as much “

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Past life regression story Chandigarh

Past life regression to fasten My spiritual journey....
 I  had to release a block in order to move faster on my spiritual journey. I  want take a past life regression session . Dr. Vandana  I want my session urgently.
I felt detached from everyone else .
We began the session and i was taken to a state of trance soon enough , I saw myself at a white bench quite immediately after  Dr.Vandana used a technique to transfer me to the life i needed to re experience. I immediately knew that I was in Rajasthan , around 17 years of age and watching a family while they were having dinner. A man of about 38 years of age, 2 boys, and an elderly couple, I was watching them and i could feel something in my heart. I was in that family but not a part of them.
I was moved further in time , it was sleep time , I was supposed to be sleeping in a kitchen on d floor on a rug instead i saw myself in a room with a wooden carving bed and i knew it was the room that belonged to the man of the house, i was in relation with him and we were to get married. I was very happy that i would soon be the woman of the house.
The next scene was when i realized that i was pregnant, And after this scene i could not see anything for a while. I was taken to the delivery time yet I could not visualize anything , at this time i started crying , I never delivered a baby because i was told i could not have a baby, he had lied to me, he would never marry me.
[Later on after the session ..At this point Dr.Vanadana told me i had started rubbing the right side of my stomach rigorously , I watched my self hitting myself in the stomach till i lost the baby. I killed my baby.]
Next was when i saw myself running away from that place, I had wrapped all my belongings in a piece of cloth that i carried under my left arm.
Next scene was when i saw myself working in a place where I was cleaning the place while other women like me would come and talk to a British woman and then sit down on the floor in one room and study. I used to finish work and stand outside the room filled with women and try and see what they do , the English woman eventually allowed me to sit with those women and i started to study.
In the next scene i saw myself wearing a nice saree and now i was teaching other poor women. I was no more trying to lower my look , i no more avoided men. I could meet and talk with them without looking ugly and un kept and they respected me. I connected respect with teaching. I was overjoyed and announced that i carried a handbag.(Somehow in all my lives my looks have mattered to me a lot and of course in this life too)
I moved forward between the age of 30-35 and i saw myself running a school where there were classes and we had kids studying there, I stayed in a house that was either within the premises of the school or in walking distance. I always wore a saree and tied my hair in a bun. There was no man in my life. Around the age of 38 i met a man who was very well dressed , wore a hat and i felt attracted to him but something inside was telling me i had to stay away. We met at a function at the school and after few months we met again but i decided i had to stop meeting him. He was not good for me. Though i knew i was attracted to him more than he was attracted to me.
In a scene i saw myself travelling to England , i went to meet the English lady to thank her( she was my mother in this life), she was very old yet graceful and was very happy to see me grow as a person , i thanked her and came back, it was very fulfilling to meet her again and share my story.
I came back and a young woman came back with me , I enjoyed her style of teaching which made our school different from others. I had to learn so much from her.
Dr.Vanadana asked me what did i do other than school and teaching , i said i used to read a lot and my favourite book was “ Your Soul Knows...”. I also told her i used to do meditation at sunrise. I visualized myself sitting in a mudhra during sunrise in pure white clothes.
I saw myself next in a place where there were only women who wore white clothes and there was a teacher who would teach them yoga. The centre was in a place with very low mountains or hills and it said Yoga but we never did yoga we used to do meditations. Dr.Vandana moved me to the age 55-60. I was reading a lot , i was reading  about the soul and trying to purify my soul , by this time i was teaching the meditation technique to other women in that centre. The name suggested Raja Yoga and i was wondering that we all are women and why would the name of our center be Raja Yoga(there was no man). Later on i found out that there is a Raj yoga center for women in rajisthan which is for Brahma Kumaris.
At this point i was moved to the age 60-65 and i told her in a very sure voice that i had 7 years to prepare myself to go , between this time period i wanted to prepare to go , i knew i was to go at the age of 67. I had given the charge of the school to the English young lady and would only supervise.
Dr.Vandana asked me how did i do the preparation and i told her through long meditations and reading and searching about Soul and purifying my soul.
I moved to the time of death , It was early morning , maybe 5 am, i woke up and had a bath , wore pure white but new clothes .I died peacefully.I was called  Urma....And it was  18....century.
Dr.Vadana  asked me how would you describe this life and i said : LEARNING.
I moved up very fast , I reached a place of absolute calmness, i recognized my master light . This beautiful light gave me a blessing and i was filled with peace , calmness and joy.
I looked around and saw my soulmate, and also the group of soulmates.  At this time Mater light  blessed my soulmate, me and Dr.Vandana , I thanked him, the Master Soul, Dr.Vandana, my soulmate and all other soulmates and told  Dr.Vandana that it was time for me to come back , it felt as if they all were standing to see me off. I felt blessed.
I left the clinic telling Dr.Vnadana that  I am feeling very light.