Monday, January 16, 2017

A 33 year old woman from U.K came to understand her relationships issue with husband Session…… I am a young soldier enjoying green grass, blue sky, blue waters. I love that I can feel the nature. My name is Xander. Some girl is in my mind. It’s a lovely feeling. I am walking towards river side and see a lot of people on river bank. And there she is, smiling, with beautiful eyes on me. I am very handsome tall with brown eyes. Now she is passing by me, we barely touched each other but feeling stays forever. Next I am riding a brown horse. I go to see the king. He is planning something on a table with a couple of people. I stand there and then he asked me to join him and sit down. There is some discussion and then I leave from the other side of his tent on a white horse. I am wearing a steel dress with leather belts. We are riding but I do not know where we are going. I am enjoying riding. I love myself. I think I love everything. I am free. I reach castle. This is where I live. I am a prince. I kiss my horse goodbye and go to take a lavish shower in my castle. I am very charming, kind and happy prince. Now I am in my room. It has a bed, a big window, a mirror, a big chair and closet on two sides of the room. And she enters. She sits on my bed. She talks and talks-----forever----and I love to listen-----just listen----none of us gets bored. She comes to give me food and she is my cook. Now I see myself as a middle aged man, occupied, feeling trapped. She is still here as a cook. She is not happy. I am getting ready to go somewhere. She places food on the table but does not look at me. I try to stop her but she does not stop. I sit on the chairfilled with guilt and sadness. Feeling trapped and helpless.I did not do right to her. Now I see myself in royal cart with a woman I do not find her attractive but she is beautiful. She is my wife but I do not love her. I am going with her to her house. There is a ceremony. She knows I do not love her. But she does. She has expectations but I am cold to her. When we reach her house I tell her that I do not love her and feel sorry. She stays numb. I was crying for mercy but she was numb and then she shows her hate towards me and curses me. She blamed me for what I did to her. We return back after ceremony. Now I hide myself inside a dark cave which is through a dark tunnel. I am filled with guilt after few days I came back. There was no joy. The guilt was so deep that I lost my respect for self. I asked my men to throw me in the pond in the castle and not to bury me. I died in guilt. The lesson I learnt that stand up for self, feel the love and believe in it. Respect comes from respecting yourself. As a therapist my observation…….. It was a highly emotionally charged sessio

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How to release fear? A few simple thought exercises can help to identify, target and overcome any type of fears more effectively. 1> Identify and name your fear. When one name the fear, can easily release it. Just try to identify it and name it. It will automatically lose its grip on our reality. 2> Pen them down and get rid of it. Listing and sharing it, is the way to get them out of our mind. If needed explore the fear more, share it & find answers to get rid of it. 3> Explore and find the way. Learn about the thing you fear. Develop an understanding and overcome the uncertainty of fears. 4> Associate with good and wise people. Discuss and find the way to get out of fear by associating with wise and more understanding people. 5> Train your mind. Take simple steps and work on it. Slowly it will built familiarity with frightening subject and makes them more manageable. 6> Mediate. It will help to uncover memories that can counteract the fear of future, fear that prevents us from making changes in our life today that can bring positive impact on the future.

Dog Phobia and Past life link....

Dog Phobia and Head Injuries
(A single Past Life Regression Session)
Subject: 17 year old boy, dog phobia since childhood, history of convulsions from birth to 3 year of age. MRI and EEG report normal still had anti-epileptic treatment for it till age of 3 year. Headache often on till now. Particular disliking for some ethnic group. Doesn’t like taking stress. Involuntarily stretching of Jaw since 2002(after some seeing odd behavior of father in a social event after having liquor)
Medical History:
Re-current throat and chest infection. Needs medical treatment. Crackling in both the knees.
Screening: Red spots on the knees released very easily. Dirty yellow patch in            the throat area. Divine light helped in releasing.
Subject: I am a boy 10 years of age running in a street. Riots taking place. A         mob is running. I fell and hit my head and injured my chest. I am in Hospital.
Dr.VSR - Move ahead to some important event.
Subject: I am walking and a dog suddenly bites me. Feeling agony and pain.
Dr. VSR – Go backwards (Healing Done)
                Now move ahead to your adult life.
Subject: I am working too hard and I think I lost my parents. I work and                           study.
Dr. VSR – Go ahead 5 years into your life.
Subject: I am a doctor. I am in a hospital and I am very popular. Now I am married.
Dr. VSR – Go to the important event which relates with present life.
Subject: I am having fever and chest infection. I am coughing. I am dying due to this problem. I am sad. My wife and son are alone now.
Dr. VSR – Move ahead. What’s happening after your death?
Subject: I am a light going up. Now I am in a very big white light. Its’ very peaceful and pleasant here. I am allowed to stay here for a longer time.
Dr. VSR – Now time is to come back. And now go to the root cause of important present life issue which needs healing.
Silence…………………… (Pause) ………………
Subject: I am very small baby boy. I took birth in Australia. My father holding me in his arms accidentally I slip and I fell from the stairs onto the floor. My head hits the floor and I am dead.
Dr. VSR – Now see what is happening with you
Subject: I am going up into the same white light and rested there only for 8 days.
Dr. VSR – Why 8 days only?
Subject: I had to live my life.
Dr. VSR – Ok. Now where are you?
Subject: I am in my present father’s arms. I am a new born baby boy.

1)    He felt something moving out from knees and throat.
2)   Subject smiled and looked at me. He seems to have enjoyed the session. Histories of convulsions in childhood (with normal MRI and EEG) maybe result of head injuries in both past lives. 
1)    Watch for the reaction with dogs.
2)   Watch for the knee pain
3)   Watch for the throat and chest infection
4)   Come for consultation after 1 and a half month for review.

  Follow UP: (After 45 days)
1)    Dog phobia stopped within a week completely.
2)   No treatment required for chest and throat after regression session.
3)   Crackling sound of knees reduced by 80%.
4)   Have become very responsible

Friday, January 6, 2017


Through past-life regression, Dr. Brian Weiss says it's possible to heal—and grow—your mind, body and soul, as well as strengthen your present-day relationships. He says one of the most common signs of a past life is déjà vu—the sensation that you have met a person before or have visited someplace previously. Sometimes, this déjà vu feeling is a sign of a past life with a particular person or in a specific place.