Monday, July 3, 2017

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Your language is the physical manifestation of your thoughts.....
1) Eliminate the words "I can't."
“I can’t” are some of the most self-limiting words you can use.
There’s a great quote by Henry Ford that explains why: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”
What you say, you will experience. Your words are your thoughts in motion & they shape the reality around you. So when you use the words “I can’t,” guess what? You will manifest a situation in which you can’t do something!

Best-selling author Jack Canfield does an experiment at his live events that proves this.
He gets volunteers from the audience to stand up & extend their arms to either side. Then, Jack tells the volunteers to think either “I can” or “I can’t.”
When he tries to push down the arms of the people who think “I can,” their arms don’t budge. Almost like they were made of concrete!
But when he tries to push down the arms of the people who think “I can’t,” he’s able to push their arms like a knife through butter.
So if that’s what’s possible just by THINKING “I can” or “I can’t,” imagine what you manifest by verbally speaking those words!
You will manifest what think about & what you speak about. So if you find yourself saying “I can’t,” the Universe will deliver up situations to you in which you find you can’t do something.

2) Eliminate the words "I don't know."
This is a phrase that A LOT of people use throughout the day.
Say this repeatedly & you’ll continuously manifest situations where you find yourself unable to move from point A to point B because you just don’t know, or you draw a blank, or you just can’t find the answers.

If you find yourself saying either "I can't" or "I don't know," stop yourself & try rephrasing what you’ve just said.
So for example, if you catch yourself saying “I can’t make it to the gym today because I’m too busy,” reframe that statement by saying instead: "I'm really looking forward to giving it my all at the gym tomorrow!"
If you find yourself saying “I don’t know,” consider reframing that into “I don’t have the answer right now but I will ask someone or do some research and find out.”
Your words are immensely powerful, so use your language to manifest that which you wish to create!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

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Claustrophobia and past life link
A 25 year old girl came with complain of claustrophobia. She feels she is struggling with this fear since childhood. She said dr.vandana , I feel upset with it, so I want to see my past life.
I am a beautiful girl with golden hair. I am the only child. My parents are rich. We own a big estate, many people work here.
I am 19 year now, riding a horse all alone. I reach a forest area a little far from our estate. I stop my horse as I feel someone is following me from behind. I look back and see a couple on horse who work in our estate. I step down as I think my parents have sent them after me. They step down and suddenly the man masked my face with a cloth. The woman tied my hands. They are taking me but the speed is slow. So now they tie me on the back of the horse and the man rides it. The woman took my horse. I shout leave me!leave me! They reach an isolated place after sometime. There is pin drop silence around. I am in a very small closed room. The woman untied my hands and removed the mask. The woman is very fat and ugly. The room has an earthen floor. There is no window but has a small ventilator near the roof. The room is dark. The woman tells me that I will be released when my parents will give them lot of money and jewels. They locked the room from outside and left.I do not hear any sound. There is frightening silence. I am very afraid. It is such a small closed place that I feel suffocated. The plate of food is slipped inside from the gap at the bottom of the door. There is not much light so I cannot see what it is. It is tasteless staple food and very difficult to eat. They come after a very long time, open the door and enter the room. The man stands at the door. The woman shouts at me, beats me and rubs sand on my face. It seems they are not able to get money from my parents. Her behavior is getting horrible as time passes. I am getting weak day by day. I have not seen sun,I have not felt air, I donot know how many days, months and years have passed. I do not have any orientation of time. I am skin thin but alive. It feels they came after a very long time. Woman is very angry and scratches my face and lips with her hands. Suddenly I felt too much anger and bit her hand. She holds me by my hair and smashes my head on the wall. I am dead.  My last thought was that if only I could have breathed in fresh air. This was some European country.

She said the impression of the life lived in  a very small closed room is with me from very early age. Any place which is closed, e.g, picture halls, lifts, even the small washrooms suffocate me and make me panic. I feel that reliving that traumatic life helped me release those memories of the past because now I feel that an unknown burden and fear from mind is lifted. Past is over, past is released, I am free. A lot of blessings to you doctor. 

Friday, June 30, 2017

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Your breath comes to go.
Your thoughts come to go.
Your words come to go.
Your actions come to go.
Your feelings come to go.
Your illnesses come to go.
Your phases come to go.
Your seasons come to go.
You have come to go.

Then why do you hold on to your guilt, anger, unforgiveness, hatred so so so tightly, when it too has come to go.
Let it go ...

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Not everybody we meet will like us & it is ok to move into acceptance rather than trying to make somebody like you.

It is not necessarily a pleasant experience, but there will be times in our lives when we come across people who do not like us. As we know, like attracts like, so usually when they don’t like us it is because they are not like us. Rather than taking it personally, we can let them be who they are, accepting that each of us is allowed to have different perspectives & opinions. When we give others that freedom, we claim it for ourselves as well, releasing ourselves from the need for their approval so we can devote our energy toward more rewarding pursuits.
While approval from others is a nice feeling, when we come to depend on it we may lose our way on our own path. There are those who will not like us no matter what we do, but that doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with us. Each of us has our own filters built from our experiences over time. They may see in us something that is merely a projection of their understanding, but we have no control over the interpretations of others. The best we can do is to hope that the role we play in the script of their lives is helpful to them & follow our own inner guidance with integrity.
As we reap the benefits of walking our perfect paths, we grow to appreciate the feeling of fully being ourselves. The need to have everyone like us will be replaced by the exhilaration of discovering that we are attracting like-minded individuals into our lives—people who like us because they understand & appreciate the truth of who we are. We free ourselves from trying to twist into shapes that will fit the spaces provided by others’ limited understanding & gain a new sense of freedom, allowing us to expand into becoming exactly who we’re meant to be. And in doing what we know to be right for us, we show others that they can do it too. Cocreating our lives with the universe & its energy of pure potential, we transcend limitations and empower ourselves to shine our unique light, fully & freely.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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Why We Meet The Same Souls In Every Incarnation?
Through life our paths are crossing paths with other people. From our parent to our children, from our brothers & sisters to our marriage partners. According to karmic teachings, we always meet the same souls, only under different masks & different roles. The soul goes through this cycle of physical incarnation because it has some kind of debt or obligation i.e. is not entirely free. Through interaction with others we are given the opportunity to free ourselves from the shackles of karma.
Karma is nothing but the result of the acts we did from the lack of love & lack of connection to its source. Due to lack of love we are consciously or unconsciously hurting others, or they are hurting us. Now we are in this karma bank to resolve any residual loans, all by the law which is the same for everybody. Karmic records are stored in Akasha (the memory of the universe) that are not available to our conscious mind. But we can learn the lesson for our merging through the feelings & emotions that others provoke in us. If a person fulfills its goal, they move away from our lives. Some people make us feel unpleasant when we are near them, so it is a bit of a relief to be liberated from them.
However, we shouldn’t ignore these emotions & their presence in us. The origin of them is within us. The mud & the dirt of our suppressed negative experiences & unwanted emotional states of fear & pain are in the depths of our beings. All people that we meet through life are our teachers, whose role is to help us to release from the poisons we are holding to.
The first contact with a person takes place on a visual level, but usually the attraction comes from another subconscious level, where there is a reading of subconscious karmic records. Our karmic record & the karmic record from the other person “recognize” the essential thing for clearing our karma & so it comes to connection or entering in a relationship.
In a relationship we are not growing by expressing our best features, which are not the real us, but by having conflicts. The moments of conflict are worth of gold, because important things are happening. When we have our first moment of jealousy we should ask ourselves: “Why I have this feeling? What is this within me?” Don’t ignore this feeling. It is necessary to work on it to put this wandering fragment that is not integrated and which seeks its place in the mosaic. These fragments are the weaknesses of our personality. Maybe, we have been outcast-ed in our childhood, & that rejection in our crucial period of our lives made us a magnet for these kind of emotions. So in time, our personality polarizes & disintegrates a particular emotional experience such as fear, pain, hate, jealousy & so on, until one part of us continue to function stably. We force our idea of stability in the relations with others, but if the behavior of the partner is out of that idea and if we are not able to understand some of their moves we are switching to fragments of fear, from where our mind draws its beliefs.
Actually, our partner only plays its role in creating the mosaic of our personality. But we cannot understand that because we see our partner as someone who is trying to hurt us. There is a karmic thing in experiencing these emotions. We are building a relationship with a person who in one distant past had the same feelings for us. The idea of karma is not for you to suffer, but to unite you both to unconditional love & spiritual integrity. Learn how to act out of love – because I am a partner and a partner is I. They are the ripped piece of us & we all are ripped pieces of this big puzzle. I am both, the drop (me) and the ocean (all the people), because there is ocean in every little drop. And as long as the relationships are not crystallize at this level, people will continue the cycle of incarnation in different lives and different roles.