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Dr.Vandana Raghuvanshi

Dr. Vandana Raghuvanshi
Director Energy Healing Guidance
Surgeon, Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapist,
Reiki Grand Master & Pranic Healer.
Power of Subconscious Mind Trainer
Magnified healer and Teacher
Crystal Healer
Dowsing Teacher and Dowser
Teacher for Crystal ball gazing
Trainer for Forgiveness
World class trainer for how to attract abundance
EFT/ ERT[Emotional release therapy ] Trainer
Medical Vedic astrologer

·           Past life regression & hypnotherapy:   Successfully doing past life regression, children’s past life sessions,
  past life therapy for phobia, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, sadness unexplained
  physical health problems, relationship issues, spiritual advancement, guidance from    master.
  LBL (Life between Lives) session, age regression, anti natal (in womb) regression, Inner child healing , Re-Birthing cleansing of  present physical body Aura and Chakra before regression,
 SRT (Spirit Releasement Therapy)
. As a spiritual healer she does healing work in Past Life Session for forgiveness and 
 disconnection of disharmony cords, removal of negative energy from past life and SRT in past life therapy session
*Teaching Reiki Level 1,2 Level
,3rd degree (Karuna Reiki),
Grand mastership
magnified healing
, Dowsing,
 EFT (Emotional Release Therapy),
 Crystal ball gazing
, Activation of third eye,
 Crystal healing,
 Forgiveness healing,
 How to attract abundance  Workshop
Power of Subconscious mind.
·    Healing: facilties provides.....
 Aura cleansing & aura healing
Distant healing
 Chakra cleansing, activating, radiating and balancing
Pranic healing for
 endocrine disorder healing example: PCOD, Infertility, Hypothyroidism, Diabetes, Asthma etc
.Karmic healing.
Healing as SRT
Healing for relationship issues
Healing for negative energy removal
Healing by three fold flame
Healing for group event
Emotional release therapy session
Healing for home and office for negative energy
Highly charged amazing quratz/ crystals for all purpose for sale


You Are What You Are! Know the You within U!! Love the real You.... If you want to know the real you, you need to take few past life regression sessions. Often we take decisions that are practical, logical but they still don't feel right, for that you need to know yourself, You need to know the you within You, it is through living from the across the time and space... that you will find WHO YOU REALLY ARE. When we live true to our nature , life supports us and we create success effortlessly aligned and in balance with our purpose and path. We take decisions that not only feel right but give us the best results too, the biggest shift of all is the realization that LIFE IS NOT HAPPENING TO YOU but FOR YOU. Everything you need , you can create and have from within your heart.the heart knows how to give you everything without causing pain or harm to anyone or anything in the universe. You need to know that you are exactly who you need to be at this moment, right here & now, accept that you are enough, more than enough, that you are already WHOLE, COMPLETE & PERFECT....believe that! Believe that there is only one person powerful enough to stop you & there is only one person enough to set you free, YOU! You are so much more than you think you are, there is such a larger you to emerge..... tap into it, say "YES" to it and let it out. This is possible if you understand your purpose of life and soul journey.... Whatever you do you know, and absolutely trust without anyone else needing to affirm - that is good & creative and powerful and important about you. Know that the quality of your movement is a manifestation of the workings of your brain, which determines the quality and vitality of your life. You need to understand and realise that when genuine love and genuine self respect is present within you, you attract love and respect from others too....You then don't have to force people to love you, you don't have to keep proving yourself, you don't have worry that your true worth would not be recognised. You can then set yourself free and let go ! To Know Yourself Past Life Regression Helps...

Under guidance of Renowned past life therapist dr.vandana raghuvanshi.........YOU GO TO ANY ONE OF YOUR PAST LIFE AND EXPERIENCE FULLY.....

Dr.VandanaRaghuvanshi....Renowned Past life therapist based in Chandigarh..India

Live a Balanced Life ....
Leading a balanced life is what is a common Goal for all of us but we need to continuously watch our thoughts, actions and ensure we are on the right path, it is extremely important to maintain a healthy balance in Life. If we notice, everything that exists in this universe has an opposite component, day & night , light & dark, black and white, truth & lie.... Certain things have a very clear demarcation and it is easy to differentiate and understand the nature of the opposite component...But when it comes to human nature somehow everything gets way too complicated !
Our physical mind & our conscious loves to play with anything that is there to be used to manipulate it for it's benefit no matter how temporary it is and no matter if the mind is certain the game is going to be short termed.

When it comes to human thoughts and behaviour and the outcome of them it is then that we need to be brutally honest with ourselves and be very watchful in what we are doing as the line between the two opposites becomes so thin that we often miss it. Maybe below examples would help us identify most common deceitful mind games :

  • People usually do not know where to draw the line when it comes to self respect and ego, they react to honest criticism or situations and later justify their extreme reaction as defending their self respect whereas the reaction is mostly result of a false ego .
  • Or when someone hurts a person by the words he speaks and he justifies his action by saying I am very upfront and honest , yes , it is good to be upfront and honest but was it necessary to use the language in manner that can be hurtful ? was it necessary to use harsh pointed words ?Or could there be other ways of conveying the message?
  • People move out of a hurtful relationship and continue to hurt each other , they justify that it is out of extreme love whereas it is the result of a hurt , destructive ego.
Many of us fail to draw the line when it is required , we usually realize that we have crossed the line when we have moved too far forward , it is then that we regret certain actions, thoughts or behaviour & then we try to justify it .............I believe it is better to be careful from the word go instead of being regretful later  .

We often mistake healthy competition with jealousy and envy too. It is important we compete but with our own selves , we should watch other people and learn from them and then see as per our own capability where we can use those learnings to enhance our performance. however usually people end up envying each other or being jealous of another person's success and then they would try and justify their behavious in many ways.
People who are so involved in their professional career that they ignore family or even their own selves or we have the other type of people too , who are so involved in themselves that they no more give time to any productive activity and not even to near and dear be obsessed with anything or to overdo anything is wrong , it is against the law of universe.

If you study the nature carefully or anything that is universal  you would realize the entire Universe is working on a very balanced formula ....when something goes out of balance then we witness disasters, similarly excess of anything , even work & exercise is bad .............Life needs to be balanced , it is when we practice to live a balanced, harmonious life that we achieve a balanced mind which would  lead us to our higher conscious .
dr.vandana raghuvanshi

My Self is evaporated. I am stuck in my present life, why ? Case: A lady doctor, 36 married came up with the above lines. The relationship with father in present life wasn’t cordial since the beginning. Husband is a good man and earns well but I couldn’t connect with him since the starting of the marriage. She has constant feelings of sadness together with anger. Regression: She regresses to a life in the year of 1920, as a young girl from a well to do family where she was loved by her father more than younger brother. The father was murdered when she was around the age of 6-7 years, in front of whole family. After this event soon they had to shift to a very small place to live and face scarcity of money. Her brother was caught up into bad company. At the age of 18-20 years she was married to a 65 year old man for three (3) gold coins. She correctly and clearly visualized those gold coins. The old man had an old wife living in a big single room far away . Both of them were sick and died within the time span of 6 months. She was totally isolated and stuck in the house for 15 years and never come out. Then after 15 years her brother came to meet her and realized that she wasn’t able to connect. Her brother noticed that there was an emotional blankness in her and went away soon. She died living alone at the age of 34 years. When she was being buried her brother was there. Soon everyone dispersed but her brother was still sitting with his head bowed down in agony. It was raining heavily and she experienced herself sitting near her brother, seeing him, after she was buried. She couldn’t forgive him because he didn’t stand by her when she needed him the most. A lot of healing work was done only then she was able to move up. In LBL (Life between Lives): Master light came (orange color) and healed her for a long time. Guidance given was: 1) Have faith 2) Don’t get angry 3) Forgive Re-Orientation:1) She felt that she was stuck up at only one place for 15 years, this feeling was very intensely felt by her. 2) Self is evaporated-this feeling corresponds to a long hollow in past life. 3) Brother in past life is father in present life. She felt this disharmony in relationship since childhood. After three weeks of plr session….. The feeling of belonging came within three days… With father it was a better feeling , not that much hurts…. Within two weeks husband called , came to take her, she went happily with him, even before the appointment of next session…..

Monday, February 13, 2017

A PLR Session report , person sharing with all of you.... I went to dr.vandana raghuvanshi, a past life therapist in Chandigarh and told her that I wanted to experience a perfect life and bring back those qualities in my life We started with the session, as soon as i was in the hypnotic state i saw as a woman in my mid early 30s, i was wearing everything in white, beige and off white colour, i was wearing a pleated skirt, a shirt with front frills , and a hat too. I was looking at a building and it seemed i was formally dressed for some work. I reached the top floor of the building and i could see that it was a clinic and i was a doctor. I was a gynaecologist , i could see expecting women in the room and i was examining them. Next was when i was instructed to see at home , It was supper time , my husband , a handsome man with brown hair and moustaches was sitting at the table , we had two kids, a son and a daughter about the age of 7 & 9. I worked at home too , it seemed i cooked and cleaned myself. My name at the clinic board read Dr. Henna Henry Matheson. My husband’s name was Henry Matheson and he was a doctor too. Next scene was that I saw myself painting and teaching young kids . It was a very fulfilling activity , i was very happy and contented doing that . I said I am happy , this is what i love as a doctor i have earned respect but that profession does not give me happiness , i want to do more than just going to my clinic. I regressed further and i saw myself in my mid 50s, I was painting and i had a sizable studio , I loved what i was doing , I said i have quit as a doctor and now i only paint and i love it , I have become known for my paintings and i have a studio now. I am still equally respected. She asked me to see what my husband was doing , I saw that my husband was no more and my kids were away to other cities for their schooling . My husband had died of TB, i saw him at the time of his death , he was coughing blood and he eventually passed away. When i further regressed i saw myself at a gathering , I was not amongst the guests , my son and my daughter were sitting at the front row when my name was called , i reached the podium and it seemed that i was given a life achievement award by a the mayor of my city , it was for the charity hospital i had opened after my late husband. Dr.Vandana asked me where is this place , you would know and my answer was this has to be England , as there is no sense of fashion and people wear such boring clothes. I still wonder why did i say something like that ? The next was the scene of my death , i knew that it was the time so i wore near clean clothes and sat on my bed , and i departed . It was a very beautiful and peaceful death . When i looked from above i said this was my dream life , i had a perfect home , a warm family , my husband loved me , I was recognised for both my profession and my passion and people knew me as an artist , I did charity and my work was recognised and honoured. This is my dream life.Further i moved up , i was a bright white light , I saw my master Soul and the group of souls. I went to the master soul to pay respect and thank him for such a wonderful journey . I got his blessings and then it was time to come back.